UFC 148 – The good, The Bad and the Ugly

Been a while since I did a post-event run down but after Saturdays event, I feel it’s time to bring this bad boy back. It was one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history, but it left a bad taste in some peoples mouths and was not without it’s contentious moments. It was also a card that was mostly disappointing. The co-main event showcased just how much Tito has declined, I still feel he won the fight, but he looked slow and gassed hard at the end. Forrest was back to his bizarro-best (worst?) and ruined Tito’s last ever moments in the Octagon, a moment that win or lose he deserved to have.
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Hall of Pain #8: My top 5 Anderson Silva knockouts

Anderson Silva successfully defended his UFC Middleweight record for an unbelievable 9th time at the weekend. In doing so he avenged his only loss since 2006 by taking out Yushin Okami in the 2nd round and extended his undefeated record to 14 fights. Many people thought Okami could be the type of fighter to really give Silva trouble, but the ultimate genius of the standup game in MMA had other plans and took Okami out in lethal fashion, utilising a similar style to that which saw him KO Forrest Griffin.

It is hard to argue a case against Silva now being considered the GOAT* in MMA. No one in MMA at his level can boast the same sort of consecutive win streak and it is unlikely his title run will ever be matched. There are those that would level the criticism that the 185lb division is a little lean on talent, but that is a moot point. You can only face those put in front of you and Silva has NEVER refused an opponent and whoever you put in front of him, he’ll find a way to win.

18 of Silvas 31 career wins have come via KO and in this post I am going to break down his top 5 career KO victories as I see them:
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UFC 134 Rio: Silva vs Okami – Preview and Predictions

The premiere event in world MMA returns to the motherland for the first time in 13 years and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is the host city. The Brazilian MMA fans are among the most passionate anywhere in the world and, as you would expect, every fight except one features a Brazilian fighter. All eyes will be on the main event and the Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva, making an un-precedented 9th defence of his title. Silva is unbeaten in 14 fights and is 13-0 in the UFC. The last man to ‘beat’ him, Yushin Okami is his opponent on Saturday night in Rio. I have deliberately put the word beat in inverted commas, as Okami did not submit, KO or win on points against the Spider, but was awarded the win after Silva was DQ’d for an illegal upkick. This marquee bout will be the first time in 8 years that Anderson Silva has had a professional MMA fight in Brazil. I don’t envy Okami walking out to that crowd.
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UFC 126 Silva vs Belfort: Preview and Predictions

This Saturday night the UFC is back with a fantastic card. 2011 is a great time to be an MMA fan, in the UK the cards are coming thick and fast and are oozing with quality (more on that in another post coming soon) and in the US, Strikeforce have announced their Heavyweight Tournament and have just put on a great show. As spoilt for choice as us fans are, nothing whets the MMA appetite like a UFC card with a title on the line. This fight will have to go some way to top the last title match we saw (Edgar vs Maynard) but with the two protagonists being Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, we may just see that happen!
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Hall of Pain #3 – Punch Face!


Finally Hall of Pain fans (or should that be fan? There’s definitely someone that hits my page fairly regularly googling hall of pain!) can breathe a sigh of relief. Because it’s back!

This time I am featuring some pictures I have found while image surfing that capture that classic moment when a sweet punch lands and the recipients face crumbles in pain and the shockwave of the punch can visibly be seen rippling over their face. There must be literally thousands of these type of shots from boxing matches (like the awesome one on the left here), but capturing these in an MMA match is a lot rarer as there aren’t as many punches thrown in an MMA fight compared to boxing (unless you are watching a Nick Diaz fight!!).

Fight photographers must absolutely love it when they check through their shots after the event and see a photo like those I am featuring below in their collection:

Oh and just one more: Not a punch face but it HAD to hurt! Ricky Weeks getting slammed with a baseball:


As ever with these posts I have collected the pics by doing a google image search. I am not intentionally stealing work so if you happen to be the photographer that took one of these shots and you want me to take it down or give credit where it’s due, I will do so happily!