UKMMA Classics – Part 1: Atalla vs De Souza. Full Contact Fight Night 1

Been a long time since I blogged here. Have seen a few discussions on forums and twitter, as there often is, about the greatest UKMMA fight(s) ever. So I decided to write up my own list. I have had this one ready to go for a while. It is a long but hopefully enjoyable read. Any comments – as always – are welcome. Leave them here or hit me up on twitter. Apologies for the lack of pictures for those with shorter attention spans! I will try and get some screen grabs to add to this article later on. In the mean-time pour yourself a cuppa and reminisce (if you were there) or visualise (if you weren’t) as I take you back to one of the most epic UKMMA fights ever. Continue reading


If I ran the UKMMA Hall of Fame…


…… I’d probably make a better trophy!

The reason for this post is that I tweeted something the other day about someone being, in my humble opinion, a UKMMA hall-of-famer. This then got me thinking: If there was a hall of fame for UKMMA, who would be in it? At one time, the now defunct MMAHitPit started to put together a UKMMA Hall of Fame, but they only ever inducted one person. So I came up with a list of 10 names (technically 11 but one is a dual-award) who I think are front runners to be the first few inductees, if there was such a thing as a UKMMA Hall of Fame.
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A break down of the new UK UFC signings

As any UKMMA fan worth their salt will know, the UFC have been shopping for talent on these shores recently. With the big show returning to the UK at the end of September, it was always on the cards that they would look to add more domestic talent and they have picked the cream of the crop from the 205, 185 and 125 pound divisions.

For the benefit of those who may have just crawled out from under their rock when they heard the news that I had posted a new blog: The new signees are Jimi Manuwa at light heavyweight, Tom Watson in the middleweight division and Phil Harris at Flyweight.

All will be well into their fight camps, preparing to take to the biggest MMA stage of them all. In this post, I’m going to break down their upcoming fights and my own thoughts on their potential progress in the premier league of Mixed Martial Arts.

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Watson vs Reid: The UK’s Griffin vs Bonnar moment?

In 2005 some bright spark at Zuffa, the owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, had the idea of creating an “Ultimate Fighting” reality show. This show aired on a minor network in the USA and culminated in an absolutely epic war of attrition between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar. This fight signalled the explosion of the popularity of the UFC and is regarded as the turnaround point of Zuffa’s fortunes.

This past Saturday at the Birmingham national indoor arena, the fourth instalment of the British fight promotion BAMMA took place. BAMMA got off to a rocky start when they first hit the UK scene, owned by a TV company (which was unheard of in the UK) the premise was always to try and position themselves as the premier UKMMA promotion. With TV backing they had a strong hand to play in order to achieve this, but the first show wasn’t quite right. They went back to the drawing board and came back with a great show for BAMMA 2 and seemed to be making their mark already on the UK scene, especially with the TV deal in place to broadcast the show on the Bravo channel. The TV deal in itself was not a first, other shows had that but the production values of BAMMA seemed to set it apart from other UKMMA events that had been on TV in the past.
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