Welcome! Come in and pull up a chair. Wait…. what…. didnt you bring any beer? Just this once I will let you off. But bring some next time ok!

So this is my blog. It used to be a dumping ground for anything and everything and then slowly but surely morphed into an MMA/grappling only blog. All the family pics and random nonsense I post that are non-MMA related can be found here

I try and stay up to date with what’s happening in the MMA world but you probably won’t find any breaking exclusives here (never say never though eh!). I may cross-post stuff that I feel is interesting/funny/awesome that I stumbled upon whilst surfing the web and avoiding doing anything constructive during office hours! I can be quite rubbish at posting regularly, but don’t let that put you off subscribing (see button at bottom of front page if you are a wordpress user) as you never when I will drop a blog-bomb of awesomeness right to your inbox!

I’m basically just a huge fan of MMA and also class myself as a part-time grappler (if you don’t know what one of those is go here). I train Brazilian JiuJitsu once a week and I also train no-gi submission wrestling once a week, although that frequency is subject to change depending on work and family stuff taking precedence.

I used to contribute articles to the rather awesome UKMMANEWS.com but the site has sadly died now as the owner didn’t have time to run it properly and I couldn’t devote enough of my time to take over from him. Let us now take a moment of silent reflection……………

Ok enough reflecting! Why not allow me to suggest some things to do while you are here:

* You can follow my BJJ gi adventures by reading all the posts here.

* You can see my awesome UFC predictions by reading all the posts here. Jay Furness, MMA fighter and head honcho at www.yourmma.tv also features my UFC predictions on his site, so you should check his site out too. It’s the best UK MMA site about right now.

* Or you can just take a leisurely mooch through the archives from the front page and read all the other guff I have posted in the past.

Hope you enjoy and if you like what you read, please leave a comment and spread the word! There is also the option to “Like” the post by clicking the like button. Go on…you know you want to!!


2 comments on “About

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Clearly I am hopelessly bad at replying to comments. Thank you for your kind offer, but I already do the UFC picks for http://www.yourmma.tv. The rest of the guff I irregularly post here probably isn’t the sort of copy that should be featured on other sites. So I will politely decline.

    I will be checking out your site though 🙂

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