UFC 148 – The good, The Bad and the Ugly

Been a while since I did a post-event run down but after Saturdays event, I feel it’s time to bring this bad boy back. It was one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history, but it left a bad taste in some peoples mouths and was not without it’s contentious moments. It was also a card that was mostly disappointing. The co-main event showcased just how much Tito has declined, I still feel he won the fight, but he looked slow and gassed hard at the end. Forrest was back to his bizarro-best (worst?) and ruined Tito’s last ever moments in the Octagon, a moment that win or lose he deserved to have.

The good:
Love him or hate him, Anderson Silva is the GOAT. This fact cannot be disputed by even the most ardent of Silva-haters. I wasn’t impressed with the vaseline episode but he got called on it early before the fight started so any Sonnen fans using that as an excuse are just reaching. The knee was NOT illegal as the replays clearly showed. Yes there was some short pulling but that aside there were no flagrant rule-breaches that went un-checked and Sonnen got beat by the better man. The greatest thing about that performance though? This:

It’s like the bit in Enter the Dragon where Bruce Lee has his hand back to back with O’Hara’s. You have to watch it slowed down to notice Lee’s left hand snake out and knock O’Haras hand out of the way to deliver his punch. You have to watch the above to notice the subtle little footsweep that Anderson executes after Chael misses the elbow. Absolute perfection.

Mendes folding McKenzie in half with a body shot was pretty awesome too!

The bad:

There was a whole lot of “meh” on this card. Menjivar vs Easton could and perhaps should have delivered so much more than it did. The Ortiz vs Griffin fight was pretty sloppy and pretty much the whole of the prelim card was horrible. But the biggest “bad” for me, yet again was judging – specifically in the Ortiz fight. I had him winning rounds one and three and I know a load of other people did too. Unfortunately those people weren’t sat at the judging tables on Saturday night. Bad times.

The ugly:
Oh Forrest. What the hell are you on? You thought you lost (and you were right, but the judges are idiots) and legged it like a baby. Then you got a rocket from uncle Dana and instead of giving a quick and gracious winners speech and handing the limelight over to Tito, you ruined his last ever moments in the cage too. Rogan has a tough job to do in there sometimes: Trying to grab meaningful soundbites from fighters experiencing emotions ranging from extreme exhaustion to utter exhilaration, to bitter despair. He normally does a brilliant job and just steps back to let them have their say, but it was bad judgement by him not to jump in and take the mic off Forrest on Saturday. The “interview” by Griffin, such as it was, seemed sarcastic and insincere. Whether that was Griffins intention – who knows – but it left a bad taste in my mouth and Dana and Tito’s too! Tito was understandably pissed, and although Forrest has now apologised, it doesn’t really cut it.

Photo by Esther Lin via mmafighting.com


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