Beautiful JiuJitsu #2 – Jeff Glover vs Budo Jake

I started the beautiful jiujitsu “series” on this blog, originally as a showcase for really slick jiujitsu that I’ve seen in MMA matches. As usual though – like all my bright ideas for fresh new content for this blog – I got pretty lazy with it.

However during my morning google-reader catch up, I came across this gold on a new blog I have recently added to my reader: The JiuJitsu Laboratory The blog is really good, and I’m really glad I stumbled across it (I think via someone elses blogroll – maybe Meerkatsu’s or Liams Part Time Grappler, I don’t remember).

The post is a dissection of a roll between Budo Jake and the uber-slick Jeff Glover, filmed as part of Jakes rolled up series for Budo Videos. I don’t need to really add any other text to this, just check out the post. What I will do is just drop a couple of the gifs in here so you can see exactly why this more than qualifies for my beautiful jiujitsu series, MMA or not. Jeff Glover is ri.dic.u.lous (full stops added for emphasis at just how ridiculous his skills are; Bear in mind Jake is a BJJ brown belt with a pretty decent game himself). As David says in his post, the submissions Jeff hits aren’t the best thing about this video. The beauty of it is Jeff’s transitions. I am definitely checking out the full video tonight!

Jeff Glover - Arm Drag to de la riva sweep

Jeff Glover - Knee on belly triangle

Jeff Glover - Rolling back take


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