Grahams Gi(less) Adventures – Passing the butterfly

Back to training last night after last week off due to working in London. Not too much in the way of technique…. we just drilled one butterfly guard pass, which as usual with Adam’s techniques, was methodical, tight and very effective:

You start with them sat up, with double unders and butterfly guard, you swim for an underhook and get the underhooking hand high and tight on their back. Lower them down to the mat until your underhook hand hits the floor and then walk your hand up to break their grip behind your back. Swim for the other underhook, sit back on your heels, head in their sternum and control their arms at the armpits. Walk your knees in tight to them, so you are killing any space. Then posture up onto one knee, flaring the kneeling legs foot out to the side. Underhook their leg on the same side as the knee that is up, swim the opposite arm under their head and stay tight to them. Now you just have to sprawl and your will kill their leg on the side that you are underhooking their head and your elevated leg will slide off thier other hook. From here you can just back-step and get side-control.

Sparring was good. Rolled first off with Harry, who I think is one of the higher ranking blues in the club (there aren’t any purples except Adam at the moment). It was a good roll with nice exchange of positions. He played rubber guard a bit but didn’t get anywhere with it, I was as usual a little off balance when attempting to pass and he hit a good few sweeps. I did get a calf-crush on him at one point but that was the only time I hit a submission. I think he hit a triangle and a footlock on me and multiple sweeps. He was really good and fluid, felt strong but didnt spaz out (as you would expect from a higher rank). My other two rolls were with Rafael and Tom, both of whom are pretty new. I just tried to drill transitioning from position to position and linking submission attempts together. Giving them some openings where they could try and hit some submissions themselves.

Adam did chip in with an adjustment for me, after Rafael defended my head and arm choke attempt with the standard “answer the phone defence”, I switched it up and tried to transition for the armbar. Adam came over and showed me a nice way to finish the choke, even if they answer the phone. You put the hand of the arm underhooking their head flat to the mat and pull it in tight. You then drive your shoulder of that arm straight down into their throat as you post up on your head and rotate your hips away from their body and towards your underhooking hand – driving your head in tight against their defending arm. Worked like a charm and that was a tweak I’d never seen before. Definitely banking that one!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think a few guys from the club are going up to the British Open No-Gi at the weekend. Hopefully they will get some good performances and bring back some medals. I will be at the Sean Bollinger 10th Planet Jiu-Jitus seminar, right on my doorstep in Salisbury and am quite looking forward to it. Next grappling related blog-post will be all about the Seminar 😀


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