The Seagal has landed!

Anyone who follows the UFC and the MMA Media cannot have failed to notice the subject of a certain Mr Steven Seagal cropping up more and more frequently. An online video of him teaching Anderson Silva some moves appeared and following the uber-KO inflicted by the champ on Vitor Belfort, Mr Seagal apparently got the credit. Then another Blackhouse fighter, Lyoto Machida, Daniel Larusso’d Randy Couture into retirement and again Seagal got props. Most MMA fans took this as a little toungue-in-cheek and swiftly forgot about it, but at UFC 135 the shadow of Seagal loomed once more. Apparently he tried to get into Jon Jones locker-room, possibly with some last-minute advice on how Jones should be fighting (insert eye-roll smiley here). Thankfully Jon Jones refused the kind offer. Bloody Elbow has the article on this, but the quote goes:

“He was wondering if he could come and talk to me backstage before the fight, just give me some words of encouragement. I didn’t think that would be a good idea,” Jones revealed.

“My training staff works very hard on me. I’m their prodigy. I wouldn’t want to disrespect them by welcoming someone else’s master into our room, into our house, into our family.”

Thank God for that, I imagine if Seagal had got into the locker room, he would have immediately taken credit for teaching Jon Jones to kick the legs of Rampage to keep the distance! I know Seagal has a legitimate Martial Arts background, perhaps more so than his peers such as Van Damme and Dolph Ludgren, but he is like a parody of himself now: “Delusional former action star latches onto elite combat sports athletes”. I think he is a bit of an in-joke with the MMA fraternity now. He has been allowed to think that he has formed “close-friendships” with some of the top guys but secretly they think it’s hilarious that Seagal is hanging around like the fat kid at school standing near the cool-kids and every now and again chipping in with in a joke in the hope of getting a big laugh and a pat on the back rather than a wedgie.

The video interview with Ariel Helanwi is a case in point, it seems like Ariel is gently mocking him, but doing an awesome job of making it seem like a legit interview. Introducing him as “Sensei” Seagal!!! Brilliant. I Lol’d at the way Segal disparages Joe Rogans MMA expertise. Rogan vs Seagal grudge match anyone?? Who wouldn’t want to see that?. If the stories of Judo Gene Lebell choking Seagal so hard he shat himself are true, it would be interesting to see what Rogans legit BJJ Skills could inflict on the Aikido Master!!

The final paragraph of the BE article is gold too, so I’m quoting that here, just because it made me laugh!

[Seagal] then went on to say that Rampage had been under siege all night because Jones was out for justice. But he added that no one was above the law because the octagon was on deadly ground, and sometimes when you’re marked for death, you just have to make an executive decision.


2 comments on “The Seagal has landed!

  1. clinging onto the shirt tails of legit fighters in order to massage his enormous ego is fucking laughable, deluded and very sad man indeed. I think im right in saying that the last time he actually handed out some ‘NICO’ style ass whupping was when he beat up his ex wife kelly le brock………think that says it all people, still like him now????? only true kung fu master can do a proper job of putting wife in her place, think it was budda who said that, wasnt it????

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