A BJJ update! (Lesson #3 and #4)

This post is going to cover lesson 3 (which was 2 weeks ago… woops!) and lesson 4 which was last night. The 2 week absence was due to work deadlines and also coming home from work to be confronted with that “help me” look in my wifes eyes after spending yet another day with a 7 month old baby who refuses to be put down and screams his head off if he is. Walking cheerily out the door to training and leaving Jo holding the baby in those situations is not an option, so training has to take a back seat sometimes.

Lesson 3 went over some deep half guard techniques. Haven’t really played with deep half much although I have a Stephan Kesting DVD covering a seminar he did on the subject with some cool stuff in. I guess like all the non-standard* positions in BJJ it’s one you have to play around with a lot to get used to.

Last night we did no technique and just did competition sparring. It was only competition sparring though in the sense that it was 6 minute rounds (monday nights are geared towards blue belts and I gather that blue belts do 6 min rounds in comps). We did not score points for passing and positions like you would in competition. We started standing which was cool, havent done any stand-up grappling for AGES as in my no-gi class we pretty much always start from knees due to the mats we train on being very takedown unfriendly!!

Lessons learned:

  • I am too still on my back when trapped under side control. Need to move more to force the opening instead of waiting for them to do something that gives me an opening.
  • I leave my far side arm open for kimuras / americanas A LOT. This is cool for baiting less-experienced guys as I find i can pretty easily turn to turtle when they go for it and get out. Bigger stronger and more skilled whitebelts and bluebelts tend to just see it as a big prize though and even if I managed to pull off my stock escape of turning to turtle I was getting rear mounted and choked for my trouble.
  • My guard passing SUCKS!
  • Still flailing lamely at collar chokes when in a good position. Think i need to learn 1 decent collar choke technique and ONLY look for that one until I can pull it off regularly against guys of a similar level

Positives are I can still hit a pretty decent single leg and my shoot isn’t ridiculously slow like I thought it would be (although a better wrestler would stuff it easily I think). Also my collar choke awareness is improving.

Also one of the blue belts showed me a side control escape I hadn’t ever done before: The jailbreak. I’d heard of it, but never really learnt it as I only have a passing awarenesss of Eddie Bravo’s stuff and don’t drill it religiously. As I’m quite flexible though, it actually turns out I can pull this off and will be a handy escape to have in my arsenal when I am getting squished under side control by Ed the man-mountain white-belt 🙂

* I count anything that is not your basic mount/guard/half guard/side control/turtle as non-standard. I realise de la riva is just a different guard and deep half is just a slightly different half. But having been pure no-gi for a long time and religiously sticking to basics, I find these positions really unfamiliar and hence non-standard 🙂


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