Charity Scramble Tee to help give aid to Japan

If you are reading this blog then, there is a good chance you are interested or somehow involved in the Martial Arts. If you are involved in Martial Arts then you know that Japan is the spiritual home and place of origin of many of the arts that so many people across the globe train in. Another fact about you who reads this blog is that you have internet access. If you have internet access (heck… if you just have eyes and ears!!) then you cannot fail to have seen or heard about the devastation in Japan recently.

As a community of Martial Artists, whether we are BJJ’ers, MMA’ers Karateka, Judoka…whatever your style of choice, we CAN make a difference to the people suffering in Japan, and a real simple way to do that is to support my favourite fightwear company, Scramble. Scramble is a company whose whole ethos is based on all things Japanese and they have very strong ties to the land of the rising sun. They have released a charity tee-shirt: It costs a mere £15 ( + £3 shipping in UK) and ALL the proceeds go to the redcross to help give aid to the Japanese people that are suffering due to this catastrophic natural disaster.

I’m sure you don’t need any more convincing… just go here and buy one.


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