Grapple-Apps part 2

Doing my usual lunch-time blog surf via google reader, I noticed that Liam had put up a post about grappling apps for iphone/ipod. As I have posted on this subject before, I left a comment directing him towards the post I guess seeing as he has a much higher readership than I do, that I might get a little bit of click-through traffic, so with that in mind and as a follow up to the original post, I remembered another app i found recently: SmashMouth Judo. It is a judo app aimed at gi and no-gi and is pretty cool. It shows the following throws:

Morote Gari, Kata Guruma, Te Guruma, Koshi Guruma, O uchi gari, Seoi Nage, Harai Goshi and O Soto Gari both in the gi and no-gi , with the requisite grip adjustments clearly explained. These are pretty high-percentage throws and the app is put together nicely with clear instruction from Judo Blackbelt and 2008 Olympic Judo alternate for the US team, Brian Picklo.

If I had to criticise the app I would highlight 2 issues with it:
1 Unfortunately no detail is given on entries to the grips you need to execute the throws
2 The sound only comes in through the left earphone

But neither of these are real show stopper – provided you have some understanding of the standup game in grappling and how to perform setups for grips and you are not deaf in your left ear 😉

I don’t recall exactly how much I paid for this, but I believe it was under £2 and for me that is pretty decent value for money. Check it out!


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