Hall of Pain #7 – Eye told you you’d get hurt if you do that damn cagefightin!

MFC 28 went down over the weekend, but was somewhat overshadowed by the fact that UFC127, BAMMA and also Cagewarriors 40 happened on the same weekend. I must admit, that I rarely follow the minor overseas promotions and am unfamiliar with the two protaganists in this story, but after seeing this article by Steve Cofield on yahoo sports I took a keen interest in the event and did some picture research.

This one is a fine addition to the hall of pain. Ryan Jimmo took down and battered Dywane Lewis and left his opponent with a freakishly swollen eye. Please do not view the full article if you hate the sight of alien beings seemingly living under someones lower eyelid!

The picture below is by Charles Penner and comes via Steve Cofields article on yahoo sports. MMMMM tasty!

Mum said that cage fightin' would make me ugly!

Having done a bit of googling for images to see if I could find any other pics, I came across this beauty. It’d have to be one hell of a big steak to slap over that shiner! It looks like someone took a golfball and shoved it into his eyesocket and down into his lower lid. (pic found on google images via www.mmamadman.com)

Bet that'll sting a bit in the morning!


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