One for the stats fans!

I’m hyped for the big fight tomorrow and I also love a good statistic, so when I saw this article on bloody elbow I just had to repost it!

Compustrike has broken the numbers for the striking game of the two main-event fighters.

The breakdown is as follows: (Silva’s 12 UFC fights – 10 Belfort fights)

  • Silva landed twice as many total strikes per fight than Belfort
  • Silva landed 10 more leg strikes per fight, attempting 15 more per fight than Belfort
  • They combined to attempt just 9 takedowns (Silva 5 of 6 – Belfort 2 of 3) and were successful on 7 in 21 combined fights tracked by CompuStrike
  • Silva outlanded his 11 previous opponents 2-1 in total strikes prior to Sonnen fight
  • Silva’s 11 previous opponents were successful on just 7 of 33 takedown attempts, Sonnen hit on 3 of 6
  • Sonnen landed 289 total strikes. Silva was hit with just 208 total strikes in his previous 11 UFC fights combined
  • Belfort’s last three opponents, (all at 195lbs or lower), were successful on just 1 of 11 takedown attempts (9%). Heavyweight opponents hit on 43% (12 of 28)
  • Belfort threw 18 more arm strikes per fight in his last 3 fights (at 195 or lower) than in his previous 7 fights at heavyweight
  • Belfort was on the feet for nearly 11:00 of a possible 12:00 in his last 3 fights (at 195 lbs or lower). He was on the ground for 56% of his previous 7 fights at heavyweight

This fight is going to to rock harder than this guy….and that’s a whole lotta rockin!!


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