Happy 2011 and introducing the new BJ!

So after a very eventful end of 2010 I am back. The main reason I haven’t blogged in so long is that my son was born on christmas eve 🙂

BJ (Benjamin James) Cooke has been unleashed on the world and the UFC in 2030 better watch out because he is a future champ just like his namesake (my favourite ever UFC fighter BJ Penn). Obviously his mum is horrified at the prospect of her little boy becoming a fighter but I have 20 or so years to convince her that it’s a brilliant idea and then I can live my dreams vicariously through my offspring! haha.

A glimpse of the future? (Photoshop skillz - 0 points!)

Throwing a mean right hand at 1 month old!

Normal service will be resumed soon(ish). There is no real point in a UFC125 wash-up post as that ship has sailed. But I was really impressed with the first ever UFC featherweight fight, slightly shocked at the Lightweight title result (and the fact that Frankie has to have another immediate rematch for his title – although I do think Maynard did *just* enough to win). I thought Vera was a joke and Silva was looking back near his best and was impressed with the beating Stann inflicted on Leben.

All in all a great event but I am REALLY looking forward to 126 (and fight for the troops this weekend).

What does 2011 have in store for this blog? Well hopefully much more content and more regular postings but I will probably fail miserably and revert to type with irregular posts and apologies for prolonged absences. So if that’s your bag then you, my friend, are in for a treat!!


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