So the last WEC event was last night. I haven’t caught the show but the internet is lit up with talk about it. By all accounts a fantastic way to wave goodbye to an event that many feel is better and more exciting than the UFC.

I have ALWAYS been a fan of fights at the lighter weight. There is (in my humble opinion) more skill, a faster pace and greater levels of excitement in the fights at lower weights. Sometimes you are treated to moments that look like they are straight out movies or video games. This one in the lightweight headline even between Anthony Pettis and Ben Henderson beats the hell out of anything I ever saw in a live MMA event before though:

anthony pettis, ben henderson WEC

That is some mortal kombat / Ong Bak shit right there! Phenomenal. Bet you loads of people are going to the gym tonight to try and land this on their training partners 🙂

Pettis went on to get the upset win and now gets a title shot at the UFC lightweight belt. How I’d love to see him pull this off on Gray “the leg humper” Maynard!! (Let’s be honest he is going to dry hump Edgar to death on his way to the belt).

Not too many casual fans know about Pettis, but he is a massive talent and now is in the UFC, many more people are going to see how good this guy is. This isn’t the first time he’s pulled some video game moves out of the bag in an MMA fight. Check out Bloody Elbows excellent “Judo Chop” feature on his fight with Shane Roller here

As a side note, if you have never visited Bloody Elbow before, then go there NOW and check out their previous judo chops. These are some of my favourite MMA articles on the web. Really good stuff and always some awesome gifs to look at 🙂


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