UFC 124: The good, the bad and the ugly

Another UFC in the bag, another successful title defence for GSP and a big fat eye burger for Mr Koscheck! UFC 124 was a decent event and the welterweight champ put a clinic on the loudmouth trashtalker from AKA, re-enforcing his claim for the p4p greatest slot.

As usual (well semi-usual) I will give you my view on the good, bad and ugly from the event:

The good

  • georges st pierre Josh koscheck ufc 124 It goes without saying that top of the “good” list has to be the beating that GSP put on Kos. He fractured his orbital bone in the very first round with his jabs and continued to pepper the face of the challenger with strikes for the rest of the 25 minutes. Credit to Kos for hanging in there I guess, he didnt even see Rogans hand when the colour-commentator went to shake it after they spoke in the ring. It was like trying to high-5 Stevie Wonder and being confused as to why he left you hanging.
  • Mac danzig vs Joe stevenson UFC 124 Mac Danzig KO’ing Joe Stevenson. Honestly I thought Stevenson would win this. The punch that KO’d him didn’t even look like anything special at first when watching the fight (but when you see the GIF on the left you can see it’s a beauty). But it clearly was as the resulting face-plant by Joe Daddy demonstrated. Great show by Danzig who may have saved his spot on the big show with that shot and pocketed a cool $100k for his efforts. Nice.
  • riddle pierson UFC 124 Riddle vs Pierson. It wasn’t pretty and I don’t like Matt Riddle, so it was nice seeing him get put on his arse when attempting the worst flying knee EVER. This was a ruck and a half with both men throwing down for the full 15. I watched this fight in x2 speed on my sky+ and trust me it is EVEN BETTER when you do that. Try it out. I need to watch me some Garcia vs Korean Zombie at x2.
  • Honourable mentions to Bocek destroying Dustin Hazelett with a slick mounted triangle and to Jim Millers knee bar of Charles Oliveira and of course the leg-smash-fest that was Thiago Alves against John Howard. Nice to have you back Thiago
  • The Bad

  • Charles Oliveira came in with much hype behind him and an unblemished record. Whilst I predicted that Miller may have too much for him, I didn’t expect Miller to be able to sub the Brazilian so easily. I think Oliviera didn’t give the footlock any respect when it was going on and instead of trying to free his leg he just lazily pawed at the body of Miller. Miller was able to switch into a tight kneebar because his opponent made no effort whatsoever to free his leg. He gave no respect to the jiujitsu of Miller (himself a BJJ blackbelt) and as a result ended up with the first L on his record. Hope Oliveira learns from this because he’s an exciting talent and is one of the future stars at 155lbs
  • I predicted a win for McCorkle, even though I’m not a big fan, simply because I thought he was too powerful for Struve. I am glad to be proved wrong but did you see the GnP of McCorkle when he was in struves guard? I can understand not wanting to overcommit because of the ground skills and long legs of Struve, but that was some of the worst GnP from a heavyweight EVER. Pathetic. Hope he gets starched by his next opponent too.
  • The ugly

    There can be only winner here:

    koscheck eye UFC 124

    Would you like fries with that eyeburger Mr Koscheck?


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