Beautiful JiuJitsu #1 – Triangle from Mount (Bocek vs Hazelett UFC124)

Here is another of my brilliant ideas for regular blog features that probably won’t be that regular (for other examples see random fighter hatred/ and photoshop posts).

In this feature, I will bring you – surprise surprise – beautiful jiujitsu, from MMA, No-gi or Gi fights. You might even see some clips of yours truly rolling. OK well maybe not the last one (I think that would be placed under the category of “got the jitz or just plain shit?”)

Anyhoo…. check this beautiful triangle set up from mount by uber-slick BJJ black belt and UFC lightweight Mark Bocek against Dustin Hazelett last Saturday night. The whole gif is probably 30seconds or so, but the first 5 seconds is the genius part. The way he transitions to the hold is as slick as anything you will see in MMA.

triangle set up from mount


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