UFC 119 – The Fallout

Cro-Cop: Woken up when it's over. I was not afforded the same courtesy!!

In an unprecedented “sweep” one particular fight will feature in both the good AND the bad as well as the ugly, as I do my usual post-UFC piece and pick over the bones of the most recent event.

UFC 119 has come in for a lot of criticism – specifically for the stinker of a main event. Although Mir scored the only knockout of the whole night, Dana refused to give him the KO of the night bonus and instead handed out two fight of the night bonuses: Mitrione / Beltran and Sherk / Dunham

There were some good fights, but the main card definitely disappointed! So without further ado: Here’s my good, bad and ugly from UFC 119:

    The good:

  • Evan Dunham vs Sean Sherk
  • Check out the 'ninety percent mental' tattoo!

    A fantastic fight. Dunham got opened up in round 1 but kept going, showing no signs of letting up and always hunting the finish. Sherk showed he is still one of the best wrestlers in the lightweight division with some big takedowns. Maybe finally he got the memo that he is a wrestler first and foremost, not a striker. Awesome fight from both men! Both men were hunting the finish and both showed great cardio to carry that pace through all three rounds. Highlight of the card!

  • CB Dolloway subbing Joe Doerksen
  • The choke master gets choked. Great win from Dolloway and a super slick submission.

  • Lytle vs Serra
  • Another entertaining scrap. Lytle looked great in this fight and really put it on Serra. Not a lot of action on the ground at all which I was a little surprised at. I think maybe Serra could have made it a bit more of a scrap if he’d tried a takedown a bit earlier than the third round or mixed up his strikes. But a decent enough fight.

  • Ryan Bader
  • Wrestlestomping win for Bader over L’il Nog, who looked extremely out of sorts and nothing like an olympic level boxer. Talk of Bader vs Jon Jones next. Now that is a fight!

    The bad:
    The judges!!! WTF fight were they watching. How did Sherk get the nod over Dunham? First round fair enough but I’m sure he didn’t win that fight overall. Even Dana thought so:

    and so did Fight Metric:

  • The main event
  • Worst.Main.Event.Ever. This really stank up the place. Even Dana was pissed. Mir was happy to hold and not engage. CroCop apparently had a plan to take him into the later rounds and then finish him off. As it turns out it was CroCop who was KO’d once again. Mir continues to annoy me but still gets another win and another big name on his record. But let’s be real: This was nothing more than a glorified sparring match. Even Rogan and Goldberg had a hard time hyping this up as it was happening. The KO was lucky and cocky Mir gets to go back home with that smug grin on his face once again. Man I hate that guy!!

    Is cro cop done? Probably not in Zuffas eyes but certainly in mine. Maybe they’ll set up a grudge match with Mark Hunt (they have faced each other twice, once in K1 and once in MMA and the score is 1-1). I don’t know what else CroCop is good for? His UFC record is 4-4 and the wins have been pretty uninspiring against fairly lacklustre opponents. He always has an excuse for shitty performances and seems to be getting big bucks just to prove that he is a shadow of his former self. Personally I don’t see the point.

    The ugly:

  • Mitrione vs Beltran
  • was entertaining and a good opener to the prelims. Not much of a spectacle in terms of skill but a good scrap is a good scrap and I’m not one to get precious about these things. Beltran is modern MMA’s cabbage correira. A big round head to match his big round belly that will take any strikes thrown at it and keep on coming. Always one big punch away from a win but always looking like he can’t do anything more than eat strikes and throw a big right hand.

  • The cut
  • Man that thing was UGLY! Eye vaginas are not a good look (ask these guys)


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