Chael Sonnens ode to Anderson Silva

Caught the following on Bloody Elbow in their Q&A session with the #1 contender in the run up to UFN22.

Anderson, think it through.
There’s still a few months before they lock the cage door behind me and you.
Last time, they raised your hand, but it was plain to see
I took a lot more about of you than you took out of me.
I broke the mirror, and I blew away the smoke.
It was me who tapped, but it was you who broke.
-Chael Sonnen

I think the UFC needs “heels” like him and Koscheck, they mix things up and make it interesting. An interview with Sonnen is always going to have some little soundbite in there that is quoted and re-quoted all over the internet. This particular little ditty caught my eye when it was reprinted in the BE Article. I’m loving his work!

I think he says a lot of things just to be inflammatory and have people talk about him (which seems to be working real well!!) and I am not his biggest fan. But he is legitimately the one guy who seems to have Anderson Silva’s number. No-one in the UFC has come close to doing to the Spider what Sonnen did. Come the re-match we will see if Anderson was under-performing due to injury, or if Sonnen really is Anderson Silva’s kryptonite. I have to admit I’m starting to like this dude!!

Esther Lins awesome pic of the fight ending submission


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