Hall of Pain # 6: Leg breaks in MMA

Corey Hill had a leg kick checked at UFC fight for the troops a good few years ago now. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw this pic over at fightlinker. This is NOT photoshopped and if a picture paints a thousand words then in the case of this particular photograph, those words must ALL be associated with pain. Thankfully these kind of injuries are very rare in MMA but they do happen and they ain’t pretty. Picture (and related video of a different incident) after the jump. Strictly for the non-squeamish

I saw a similar incident live a long time ago at a UK show (Cage Rage 4) and the you tube clip did the rounds of all the forums for a while. Rob Evans threw a kick at Ross Pettifer, it was checked perfectly and you saw (and heard) it snap. The sight of Evans retracting his snapped leg back into his stance down after the kick and it crumpling underneath him will stay with me for a long time. Nasty Nasty Nasty !!

Not sure if the vid is still working as I’m on lunch at work and can’t see youtube but here goes:


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