UFC118 – The fallout:

    Another great UFC with some excellent performances and a few surprises (for me at least!). The good, the bad and the ugly is after the jump:

    The good:

  • Frankie Edgar – I’m sure he isn’t reading this, but just in case: Frankie, I owe you an apology. I thought BJ would destroy you but you flipped the script. Excellent performance and no-one can deny you are a deserving champion.
  • Joe Lauzon – amazing fight. He absolutely obliterated Ruediger who will probably disappear from the UFC just as quickly as he (re)appeared.
  • Nate Diaz – Awesome, I love that guy. Not the biggest fan of Marcus Davis either so double win for me as fan. Great performance.
  • Randy – Perfect fight. Awesome. Wish I’d put money on the first round head and arm triangle finish cos I called that exactly right.
  • The bad

  • BJ….what has happened to you? You looked bored, and uninterested in the fight. Only going after takedowns when you were already 3 rounds down. 2 losses on the bounce and now staring up at fighters above you in the rankings instead of surveying the minions not fit to clean your groin guard. I don’t know whats up but I hope it gets sorted and you come back in style!
  • James Toney…. Welcome to the UFC!! That is how its done, just because you hit hard it doesnt mean you can troll your way to a top-level MMA fight and expect to win. If you want to do some MMA, go train at a proper gym and lose the gut. If not, don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out. I could’ve parked my bike in your ass-crack at the weigh ins, I think you broke the elastic in your underpants dude!
    (ps: Dana – Best shape of his life? Really?)
  • The Ugly:

  • Gray Maynard and Nick Lentz: Horrible to watch but effective. 3 round leg humpers make me sad. I can’t knock them for fighting their fight and going out and winning though. It just isn’t nice to watch. Sadly I think Gray Maynard will be the new champ, but I would much rather someone like Edgar who mixes it up a bit kept the gold. On fight day I’ll be supporting Frankie. Gutted for Andre Winner to lose like that. From KenFlo I expected a little more I guess, but he was wrestle-stomped.
  • Oh and without a doubt this is the ugliest thing from Saturday night:

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