Guest Blog: Breaking down Couture vs Toney….

I asked my brother if he wanted to write a piece for this blog. He is a huge UFC fan and always has something to say, so he decided to get in on the blogging act to give us his thoughts on Randy Couture vs James Toney. So here it is:

Right people, here we go…….the co-main event of this upcoming UFC is Randy Duane Couture (yeah that’s right DUANE!!) 18 wins 10 losses (mma) taking on boxing legend James ‘lights out’ Toney 72 wins 6 losses 3 draws and 2 no contests (pro boxing), in what promises to be one of the most one sided and pointless fights in ufc history, and the reasons for this I will now (try to) explain:

James Toney is a 41 year old former pro boxer, his last fight being a second round knockout of Mathew Greer on the 12th September 2009 (thanks wikipedia), he’s been training mma for about 9 months. His opponent is the former three time ufc heavyweight and former two time UFC light heavyweight champion: One of the pioneers of the Zuffa age of MMA, known as ‘captain America’ or ‘the natural’ to fans the world over. Now I know what you’re thinking, but this is’nt going to be biased in anyway, im just giving you the facts: If this was a boxing match this would be completely different!!

But it ain’t, this is MMA, but having said that I don’t think this is a fight that the UFC or MMA really need, this one sided fight is going to be decided by one of two ways:

  • Number one. James toney catches Randy early on and ko’s him in spectacular fashion.
  • Number two, Randy grabs a hold of him takes him to the mat and pounds the shit out of his head, or chokes him out until the ref stops it.

And that’s it, If Toney comes out cocky and aggressive and starts throwing leather, Randy will change levels, shoot for the double and we can all go home. There’s not much of a hope that in the 9 months Toneys been training mma, he can sprawl or stuff ANY of Randys takedowns. If he can, I will be mega impressed. Randy is a machine and he proves that age really is just a number. Toney has to box at range with stiff jabs and hope to god that he catches Randy coming in: The one thing he can count on is Randy coming in. If he can do that, then he may well knock Coutures head into row z. Cue all the gob-shite pro boxers to get their collective soap boxes out and crow about how MMA is just a load of skin head nazi gay boys cuddling the hell out of each other, none of them can punch properly and blah blah…..Toney knows that’s the only chance hes got. He knows what Randys game plan is: the natural has never knocked anyone out on his feet, and Toneys never been knocked out. Couture needs this fight on the mat as quickly as possible, with those tiny four oz mma gloves on Toneys fists, he’s thinking one thing.

Randy in the clinch is a handfull for any fighter, he is a master at grinding his opponents down, and breaking their will, so Toney better be in the best shape he’s ever been in, cause if he doesn’t get that early ko, Couture will have him pinned against the cage or on the mat. This is the point Toney will think to himself…’what the fuck am I doing’ and start to do an amazing impression of Houston Alexander – who will be forever fondly remembered as the founder of the ‘no-jitsu’ style of mma fighting, or as I like to call it, ‘playing dead’.

Toneys one punch chance is, in my opinion, not going to win him this fight. Randys too clever and too experienced an opponent for anyones first fight, let alone a 41yr old former boxer who’s been training a few months!

So there you have it, Couture wins in the first by submission, I’d like to say by tko ref stoppage, but I got a feeling he would love to choke Toney the fuck out!!!

Couture: You're in my house now bitch!


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