Bernard Hopkins changes his tune….Toney out of his depth?

So it seems “B-Hop” has changed his tune a little with regards to MMA. I blogged before about a little rant he had on Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC in particular. Now that the whole boxing vs MMA debate is reaching fever pitch in the run up to UFC118 and the Couture vs Toney fight, he has weighed in with his opinions again, only this time he is coming down firmly on the side of the UFC!

WatchKalibRun has a piece on Hopkins interview, here are some of the standout quotes:

I think James Toney is going to get his ass kicked. For real,” said Hopkins. “James Toney is out of his league.

“When you step out into a situation where, against a legend too in his own sport. I believe, and I’ll go on the record, that the best MMA guy or UFC guy go up against the best boxer in the world in their arena, in their arena gets their ass kicked. I don’t care who it is, whether Floyd, Pacquiao, Bernard Hopkins, they get they ass kicked. That is not what we do.”

Finally a boxer speaking sense about MMA. I’ve always said there is 1 undisputable facts about the boxing vs MMA debate. They are completely different, they are apples and oranges!! Sure they are both fightsports but the similarities end there. Boxing skill goes a long way in MMA but a good MMA striker would struggle under boxing rules against a world class boxer. The formula is a simple one:

World Class MMA Fighter vs World Class Boxer under MMA rules = MMA fighter wins
World Class MMA fighter vs World Class Boxer in boxing = Boxer wins

Hopkins agrees:

This is a different different arena, I’m not trying to say he won’t have any moments, but listen when that instinct come in when one guy is used to taking a guy down or used to taking a guy down using his forearm or chin or whatever, hey man you take that away that’s like taking a lion’s teeth out, he’s no longer a lion.

Whilst I don’t think we’ll be seeing Randy take Toney down with his chin, I DO think we’ll see Randy take Toney down and knowing the smart fighter that Randy is, he’ll do it quickly. Why the hell would he stand and trade with someone who has power like Toney? Toney will be on his back – or pressed against the fence with no room to swing a full power shot – in the first minute of this fight.

Of course, as has been the way of things if you have been following the pre-fight smack talk and build up. Toney has something to say about Bernard Hopkins comments and the no-confidence vote from David Haye (himself an MMA fan)

This is James Toney and Randy Couture, so for Bernard he can go somewhere and get his damn teeth fixed. And David Haye, he’s gay.

I like the way he rhymed Haye and gay, you can see what he did there!

I don’t want to write Toney off. This means a LOT to him…He basically trolled his way into this fight. He got in Dana’s face and made as much noise as possible. He is relying on this fight as his boxing career is on the downslide and he is after squeezing as much cash out of it as he can while he still has a high profile to trade on, can’t blame the man for that! He is a hell of a puncher and everyone has got a punchers chance in a fight. If I fought Randy I could potentially knock him out – I’m not calling captain America out by the way, I am just theorising here! – So I’m sure as hell James Toney can.

If he loses he may not get the chance to fight at the pinnacle of boxing any more but he will have made decent money from Zuffa and you can bet he will get a few more freakshow fights offered to him by other promotions. If he wins, apart from blogageddon occuring (seriously can you imagine how many different fan sites and professional sports journos will be on that?) – MMA won’t implode, but the look on Dana’s face will be priceless.

There will plenty more on Toney vs Couture in this blog in the next week or so. Possibly even some guest-blogging occurring if my little bro pulls his finger out 🙂


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