Jiujitsu Tshirts!

I love a good Jiujitsu or MMA t-shirt. My online store of choice is Matt Benyons awesome ScrambleStuff. They do some excellent quality stuff and I have the Manto/Scramble collaboration Lock N Roll t-shirt which is ace! [/scramble plug]

However browsing my google reader today I found this article on the Cagewriter blog. These Tshirts are also frickin awesome – especially if you are someone with a stupid sense of humour who enjoys sporting comedy slogans and in-jokes on your clothing from time-to-time! (I am very proud of my “I’m what willis was talking about” Tshirt thank you very much 🙂 )

The too ‘jiujit to quit’ one is ace, but needs MC Hammer doing the running man in parachute pants and a gi-top in my opinion!!

Check out the shop at www.jiujitsutees.com

I’m going to find out if they ship to the uk!!


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