A month or so too late…..

Man I am rubbish. No blogs here for a whole month. No round up of UFC116.


I guess rounding up UFC116 is pretty chuffing pointless now seeing as UFC117 is just around the corner. But what the hell. I’m gonna do it anyway!

Brock Lesnar confirmed his legitimacy as the #1 heavyweight in the world after taking a beasting from Carwin early doors and then somehow turning it round in the second round. Also – Brocks got subs!! Who knew! He finished the head and arm choke really well, turning into it and listening to the advice of his corner. Great job by the man-mountain. Carwin is blaming “lactic acidosis” and says he could barely walk back to his corner after the round ended. Basically he blew his load, he is simply too big to go at that pace and then expect to be bouncing on his toes in the corner waiting for the next round. Carwin will be back for another shot soon enough, but he has a few obstacles in his way now. Roy Nelson vs Junior Dos Santos is pencilled in for the next shot at the title and who the winner faces will be determined by the next HW title bout which is Brock vs Cain Velasquez. The heavyweight division of the UFC is on fire at the moment.

The other standout fight was Leben vs Akiyama. How the hell those two stayed up for so long is a mystery to me. Eventually it was Leben who came away with – wait for it – a submission win?? WTF. After those three rounds you’d have thought someone was getting KTFO’d or it was going to be another one that goes to the judges. Leben came in at late notice to replace Wanderlei and did an awesome job. Only 2 weeks before that he was still trying to salvage his reputation after a loss and an uninspiring decision win following his suspension for testing positive for banned substances. 2 fights in 2 weeks later (with 2 big wins) and he is in prime position for a shot at Wanderlei Silva and is a main card draw again. MMA is a funny old game.
Notable mentions:

Stephan Bonnar: Surely he was done if he’d lost this one? Nice win and much needed for the american psycho
Georges Sotiropoulos: Title shot or #1 contender match up next for this man methinks!
Gerarld Harris: Awesome slam (coming to a hall of pain near you soon 😉 )

Other stuff:
Been working on some new content for UKMMANEWS.com. Will link it up on here when it is all done and dusted.

Also: The fitness regime has started! I found my motivation again and decided it was time to get back into some form of regular fitness. I think my wife feels it is motivated by vanity but nothing could be further from the truth. I just feel sluggish and achey since my activity levels dropped to virtually nill. Exercise for me is a great stress reliever and I feel good when I feel fit. I’m getting older now and although I train submission wrestling once a week (I truly am a part-time grappler!) it’s not enough for me.

I work a shitty desk job that I don’t really like but pays well and so keeps me coming back. But as a result of it being a) at a desk and b) shit. I come away feeling crap. I know my family have suffered because of my general moodiness surrounding this situation so I decided to do something about it!

So now I will be swimming 2 mornings a week before work (initially) to get my general cardio up to a better level. I hate running and my flat feet make it a killer for my back, but I may try and get one run in a week. I also will be doing some yoga to strengthen up the supporting structures of my body – particularly my core – as well as some bodyweight training. This will probably go for a month or so and so by the end of August I hope to be up to 1km swim pretty comfortably (did 500m today at fairly fast pace and was ok).

Following this initial month of “tune-up”, I will be looking to do some strength work with the stronglifts 5×5 program, which comes highly recommended. I have always been weak as piss and a bit of strength work will help my grappling I think!

I will be making regular (i hope!) posts on my progress in this area, but this blog will remain my MMA blog. It isn’t going to turn into some beefcake training journal when I brag about my new 1rm deadlift!

I have a tonne of stuff in the pipeline MMA writing-wise. Both here (UFC on versus 2 write up, UFC 117 predictions, new hall of pain) and UKMMANEWS (interviews and UKMMA forgotten classics article series). So the days of no blogs for a month are gone forever!! (until next time that is 🙂 )



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