Hall of Pain # 4 – Ear we go, ear we go, ear we go!

Shigeki Uchiyama was winning his fight at Pancrase: Passion Tour 5 in Japan. That was until one of the perils of holding MMA fights in a ring was realised – the fighters got tangled in the ropes.

Unfortunately for Uchiyama, his ear somehow got caught in the vertical strings that connect the horizontal ropes of the ring and was partially severed. The fight was declared a TKO win for his opponent……………….
One mangled ear and a loss on your record for a fight you were winning = choker for Uchiyama and surely a strong case for using a caged arena for MMA matches.

Gross-out photos after the jump….. don’t click if you have a weak stomach

The offending ropes and the tiny bit of ear that was severed (just to the top-right of the refs foot!)


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