UFC 113 – The fallout

Now that the dust from the event has settled and the general hecticness of the past week has slowed a little for me, I thought it was probably a good opportunity to drop a blog about UFC 113.

The good:

Shogun’s performance. That was another excellent strategy by Rua. Nothing left to chance or the judges and now, NOTHING left of the “Machida mystery”. No more will we read posts about how to unlock the Machida puzzle. Sad in a way because Lyoto had a great run and I genuinely believed he would go on to dominate in the way that Silva or GSP have. But in another way, it’s great for the sport. Do we really need another dominant champ? Apart from the heavyweight division ( 14 different champions), the Light Heavyweight division has had the largest number of title holders in ANY of the UFC weight classes. (Although the HW division has had more champs it was so bereft of talent until recently that I don’t really count it 🙂 ). The LHW is an extremely exciting and competitive division with some great talent and more emerging.

Shogun sits right at the top of the heap and rightfully so, once considered as the no1 Light heavyweight in the world when he was in Pride, he hit a slump when Pride folded and gave a few lacklustre performances in the UFC. Then in his first match with Machida it seemed he had a fire lit under his belly, he gave the best performance anyone has ever given against “the Dragon”. It looked like even Machida was shocked when he was given the decision win. Rua bided his time for his rematch and last weekend he ended the Machida myth. He proved that staying in his face, not giving him room to evade and taking the fight to the man on the feet was the best way to beat him. Many others feared his striking so much they tried to take him down and in doing so played right into Machidas game. Rua got stuck in, faked a left, waited for the counter and then countered with his own shot which floored the champ. Game over, we have a new champ!

The winner of Rampage and Rashad (both former champions) is lined up. This makes sense and a 3rd match between Rampage and Rua would be great (they fought twice in Pride, winning one each). I don’t think a fight with Rashad would be as exciting, but it would still be a great fight. Guess we’ll wait and see who wins at the end of the month!

What else was good: Kimbo getting exposed and cut from the UFC. Although I picked Kimbo to win, I am actually glad he lost. I don’t like the way he got into the UFC in the first place although I give him credit for taking it seriously and proving he was prepared to start back at the bottom despite his “internet celebrity” and the interest he brought to the promotion. I’m slightly surprised it was Mitrione that exposed him but if it wasn’t “meat head” it would have been someone else. In the words of Dana White “Kimbo is done”. Who’s taking bets on a Kimbo vs Tim Sylvia freakshow fight happening in buttfuck nowhere USA in the next few months?? I’ll have £50 on that!

The bad:

photo by Ken Pishna - MMA Weekly

Semtex now exploding Koschecks head, but his own career instead. I like Paul Daley, I met him a few times and although he comes off as arrogant and cocky when doing promo he is actually a really cool guy. He doesn’t need a no-mark blogger like me telling him he blew it, but man did he do it in style!! Can’t say I didn’t enjoy seeing Koscheck get clocked but there really is no place for that in MMA. A few other bloggers / journalists have commented that if it weren’t for the Strikeforce brawl, he probably wouldn’t have been cut. This might be true, but why chance it anyway? He had NOTHING to gain for smashing Koscheck after the bell. I appreciate he’s an emotional guy and for all his pre-fight shenanigans it seems Koscheck did a btter job of getting in his opponents head. MMA Weekly have reported that Daley has a fight lined up in Australia and he stated in the article he may even consider boxing! There are still great fights for Daley in MMA and I hope if he does go down the boxing route, he still steps in the cage now and again.

As for the UFC, they are saying at the moment he will never fight for them again. Let’s see how that plays out, I’m pretty sure the same was said for a fair few other fighters who eventually found their way back on the big show. If Daley starts putting people away again, he’ll be hard to ignore. Meanwhile Koscheck will be a coach on TUF opposite GSp and will finally get a shot at the title. I would HATE to be the TUF contestants who get put on Koschecks team and I would hate to be Koscheck come fight night because GSP is going to crush him.

Jason McDonald was unlucky in his UFC comeback fight against John Salter. McDonal got his leg caught underneath him after a headkick attempt resulted in both fighters crashing to the mat with Mcdonalds leg folded underneath him awkwardly. This had echoes of the injury suffered by Duane Ludwig at UFC on versus and eerily both fighters ended up with legs broken in 3 places. Hoping for a speedy recovery to both!

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