Yup, you don’t have to settle for reading my inane dribblings on here. You could go here and download the UKMMANEWS podcast and listen to them as well.

I say “absolutely” about a million times which sounds ridiculous, so if that sounds like your idea of awesome or you are just a huge fan of mine then please download it. Of course since neither of those are very likely reasons for wanting to hear it then you should probably just go download it to hear a breakdown of the big upcoming UK MMA events and to hear UKMMA kingpin Ian Deans thoughts on the return of Cagewarriors, the state of the scene and what could be done to improve the setup we have in the UK (governing body anyone???).

There will be more to come in the near future and we will be making improvements as we go along. Please support us and give it a listen if you can.

Go to NOW and get it !!


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