I’m a bad blogger!

I know, I know. I’ve been absolutely rubbish at updating the blog lately. Especially when there has been so much to talk about in the MMA world. I also missed my blogs first birthday, I didn’t even send it a card….I suck!!

Not much point raking over old news in detail that has been mass reported pretty much everywhere so I won’t spend too much time doing that, but there have been a few big talking points in MMA on the world-stage over the last few weeks when I’ve been AWOL. Here’s my top 5 in true roundup-posting-lazy-ass-blogger style!

  • The spiders performance at UFC 112:

  • First 2.5 rounds he was a genius the rest of the fight he was a massive wanker. He pissed off the fans and he pissed off his boss, he has a lot to make up for in his next fight. He probably doesnt think so but a professional athlete has no business behaving like that in my opinion. The guy is a virtually untouchable genius in the cage but seems like he is believing his own hype too much. Whilst I (along with the rest of the MMA fans in the world) would love to see him fight GSP, I don’t think that will happen. Let’s see how he does against Sonnen and hopefully Belfort after that. I have my opinions but I’ll save those for the predictions post on here that accompanies those events!

  • Edgar beats Penn at UFC112:

  • “Massive underdog makes Penn look ordinary shocker”. Edgar deserved to win, he didnt deserve the 50-45 that one judge (Doug Crosby) gave him and that one has been done to death on other sites as well. Penn apparently was suffering a sinus infection (or something like that) and wasnt himself. Edgar did a great job of getting in and out scoring points and taking very little damage. Penn has an instant rematch and will no doubt be the favourite to regain his belt. I don’t think Penn took Egdar lightly, but I do think this time out Edgar will be destroyed inside 3 rounds. I can’t see him bringing anything different to the table, we saw the best of Edgar that night. We saw about 20% of Penn. That will be what decides the rematch.

  • Tito getting arrested:
  • I wrote about this on UKMMANEWS

  • Jose Aldo being an absolute stud:

  • This kid is scary, scary good. It a dominanting performance against a previously dominant champion. He gave Faber a lot of respect but he completely disrespected Fabers legs. Urijah now is walking around a big slab of tenderised meat. That has GOT to hurt. What next for Aldo? Talk of a drop down or even a bulk up to challenge other champions maybe a bit premature but Aldo finds himself in a Silva-esque position. Who honestly can beat him at Featherweight right now?

  • The strikeforce brawl:

  • In short: Shields beats Henderson, tonnes of people in the ring, Mayhem gets in and asks for rematch, Shields team start battering Mayhem, dumb-shit announcer says “These things happen in MMA”….ummmmm not on the UFC they dont mate! Go here:

Here in the little-old UK, there have been some pretty huge announcements affecting the domestic scene, some big upcoming fight cards and an MMA phoenix rising from the ashes. I will blog about these in a separate post sometime real soon!!

On a personal-level I have been snowed under in my real-job, have had some awesome news close to home and have also been getting involved in more MMA awesomeness with UKMMANEWS.com Announcements will come soon and although I am not about to become the UK’s Joe Rogan anytime soon, UK fans may be hearing my dulcet tones in the not too distant future.

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