Hall of Pain #3 – Punch Face!


Finally Hall of Pain fans (or should that be fan? There’s definitely someone that hits my page fairly regularly googling hall of pain!) can breathe a sigh of relief. Because it’s back!

This time I am featuring some pictures I have found while image surfing that capture that classic moment when a sweet punch lands and the recipients face crumbles in pain and the shockwave of the punch can visibly be seen rippling over their face. There must be literally thousands of these type of shots from boxing matches (like the awesome one on the left here), but capturing these in an MMA match is a lot rarer as there aren’t as many punches thrown in an MMA fight compared to boxing (unless you are watching a Nick Diaz fight!!).

Fight photographers must absolutely love it when they check through their shots after the event and see a photo like those I am featuring below in their collection:

Oh and just one more: Not a punch face but it HAD to hurt! Ricky Weeks getting slammed with a baseball:


As ever with these posts I have collected the pics by doing a google image search. I am not intentionally stealing work so if you happen to be the photographer that took one of these shots and you want me to take it down or give credit where it’s due, I will do so happily!

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