A non-fans perspective of a fight…..

The just bleed guy....but dont let him put you off!

I came across this awesome article and had to share it. It is written by a journalist from SBNation.Com and gives a great account of a non-MMA fans experience of a UFC event. It really is a must read, if this doesnt tell you everything about what’s great about the sport of MMA and the experience of seeing a fight event live – especially one as huge as the UFC, then nothing will!

On the face of it MMA, or “cagefighting” is brutal, cruel and nothing more than bloodsport for the masses. But dig deeper, as this article does, and there is a very human element to it. Both in terms of the fighters participating and the fans watching at ringside. Fighters aren’t mindless thugs, they are professional athletes who choose to compete in one of the toughest sports in the world. Many are intelligent, well-educated and have left behind high flying white-collar careers to follow their dreams in the octagon. Look past the blood and gore, look past the “cage” and look past the pointless “glamour girls” who have somehow become a part of MMA events and you will find something amazing. Please give the article a read.

Have a look here


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