Things you might hear in the pub: “I train UFC… I’m a cagefighter….FEAR ME!”


I flippin love UFC I do, I even train UFC. I’m a cagefighter!

OK, I’m taking the piss. But unfortunately the rise of the popularity of mixed martial arts and specifically the UFC, whilst great for the real fans and for real fighters, has led to a LOT of “cagefighters” emerging. Chav’s tell their mates they “train UFC” and pub hardmen revel in the mystique added to their “reputations” by allowing chinese whispers to propogate that label them as “well ‘ard cagefighters”.

I like to think I am able to quickly distinguish the bullshit from the reality and, as someone who genuinely has trained and competed in MMA (badly I might add!!), it really bugs me that these wannabe’s are trying to hijack our sport to add weight to their claims that they are indeed “hard”. I was at a kickboxing show at the weekend and overheard a bloke at the bar critiquing the kickboxers and saying how he would destroy then because he “trains UFC”. He was holding court with about 4 mates and as much as I wanted to call him on what I suspected was a massive load of shite spilling from his mouth, I just bought my drink and went back to watch the fights. But I thought I’d write this quick post as it reminded me of an awesome story I read a while back a thread on the fighters only forum by their web editor John O’Regan. It’s a great read (read it here)

There is a tried and tested rule to separate the wannabes from the real thing: If anyone ever tells you they are “a cagefighter” or that they “train UFC” they probably never trained MMA a day in their life!! Show an interest and ask them who they train with, what gym they train at etc… and watch them beat a hasty retreat!

On a separate note, despite saying all this I really want one of those T-shirts in the pic …… is that wrong? 😀


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