Boxing Promoter Bob Arum blasts MMA Fans as white skinheads and the UFC as garbage!

Ariel Helanwi did an interview with boxing promoter Bob Arum at the Manny Pacquiao Miguel Cotto presser. Arum looks after Pacquiao’s interests. There is a video of the interview on MMAFanhouse

I haven’t seen the interview as I can’t play video at work but I googled around for it and found an article on the Sun’s UFC minisite with some excerpts:

bobarum For those who don’t know, Bob is a dinosaur. He is hardly the UFC’s target demographic and is definitely “of the old school”. But even so he is at least mildly retarded to have said some of this stuff. Seriously what the hell is this guy on? There are so many flaws in his rant that it’s borderline insane.

Ahh the old classic: “rolling around on the ground like homosexuals” – I’m not even going to try and defend MMA against statements like this because it is just such a stupid statement, I dont need to! Arum will no doubt be blasted by the PC brigade the same as Dana was when he overused the word “faggot”, and rightly so. Do all homosexuals roll around on the ground? Do you have to be a homosexual to do so? I’ve ‘rolled around on the ground’ a fair bit, is it time I came out to my wife and admitted our marriage is a sham? Grappling fans want to know Bob!!

Here’s a couple of my favourite quotes:

  • “UFC’s a bunch of skinhead white guys watching a bunch of people in the ring who also look like skinhead white guys. “
  • “The guys can’t throw punches to save their ass and when a punch lands they’ve got no chin. They’re not like boxers and aren’t trained like them.”

Can’t throw punches? Tell Rampage, Rashad, Kongo and Anderson that (who by the way are all black Bob…yes there are blackmen competing in the UFC!! Can you believe it!). What will the skinheaded, tattooed white MMA fans make of this? It’s scandalous….mindblowing… get the darkies out Bob before they take over, I’m with you!!! 😕 🙄
Surely this guy is on some sort of medication?

There’s so much more I could rant about in the interview but I will sum up by quoting one of the user comments on the Bloody Elbow post about this. Mr Black Dragon… couldn’t have said it better myself:

90% of the crowd has tattoos? Okay…even if that’s true, so what? Nobody in any boxing crowd has ever had a tattoo.

It’s crazy. I don’t care when fans dis other sports because their opinions don’t carry as much weight as the guys that run the sports. Dana saying boxing is dead is stupid, because if boxing puts up numbers comparable to the better UFC fights, in the public eye (who don’t factor in that MMA as an accepted sport is less than twenty years old and thus hasn’t been subject to milestones like the Depression, allowing blacks to fight whites, having good – Raging Bull, Rocky, Cinderella Man – movies made about it) they wonder what makes UFC so special.

Conversely the loudest detractors of MMA tend to sound anywhere from misinformed to borderline delusional. At least Dana respects boxing, if not how the sport is handled at the highest levels.

Top Four arguments I see nearly every time I venture too far from a site like BE.

Too violent: Yeah, and standing eight counts are civilized.

Untalented: Yep, all those Olympians, former pro football players, collegiate wrestlers, multi-time karate/muythai/judo champions are all just bums anybody can beat.

Gay/Homosexual: Nope, there’s never any clinching (which is illegal by the way) in boxing. Nope, never seen two guys hug for half a round because one guy was trying to catch his breath. Move along.

Boxing is real fighting: Holy shit, my mind has bee blown. I just realized every fight I’ve ever been in, my opponents always adhered to the Marquis of Queensbury rules.

It’s just weird. Criticize all you want, but try to make a little sense. No ethnic groups like MMA? We haven’t had black, Brazilian, French Canadian, Mexican, or whatever the hell Mousai is champions? Lying about PPV numbers? Because I don’t like NO ONE does? Seriously?

So there you have it Bob Arum = crazy old dude, who should seriously give up his dayjob and settle into a nice retirement spent pissing himself in his armchair whilst he watches fights in black & white and rants about the golden era of boxing!

Combat sports are moving on Bob, either keep up or shut up!


4 comments on “Boxing Promoter Bob Arum blasts MMA Fans as white skinheads and the UFC as garbage!

  1. “I think he doth protest too much.” You criticize Arum for spouting off with no right. His opinion is shared by others and so what? No everybody loves MMA and the UFC. Calm down little baby, don’t cry. Bob Arum was in the fight game longer than you can imagine so back off his opinion. You are your wife wrestling? Moron, guys only fight guys so comparing them to your wife is just stupid and not thought out. I agree. Watching UFC and MMA is most of the time boring. Its like comparing hip hop dance with ballroom,only the hip hop dancers are sloppy. Do I think Arum said stupid stuff yes. He is old and nasty. Plus your rebutal argument is poor and not well thought out. Not that I could do better but you really should think before you write as much as you think Arum should think before he speaks. Standing eight counts compared to hitting a man over and over in the head with barely any padding is far from an 8 count. One day it will be revealed the damage caused by this sport then everyone will act suprised and say “But what about boxing?”. If you have doubts about the affect of padding versus no padding on the hands, watch Assault in the Ring. And as for kicking, elbowing and kneeing to the head, well to I need to try and compare. Put any MMA or UFC fighter. NEVER COMPARE PEOPLE LIKE….ALI, HAGLER, LOUIS, BRADDOCK, and the list goes on to your MMA fighters. They are legends and always will be. Don’t think people want to call Lesnar a legend just yet. You my friend should write comics, not articles, its more fitting your fantasy style of reality.

  2. Awesome my first abusive comment…does this mean I’ve made it?

    So much wrong with that comment though dude, engage brain then type!! I never said Arum was wrong to dislike MMA, he has a right to hate it as much as I enjoy it. I’ve criticised his poorly thought out arguments as to why he believes MMA isnt enjoyable. He made racist, homophobic remarks in his interview. I just called him on it.

    Also what does “you are your wife wrestling?” mean? English mofo…do you speak it? I alluded to the fact that I participate in submission wrestling and made a jokey remark based on Arum’s assertions that this is the kind of thing that homosexuals do by saying that maybe i should tell my wife our marriage is a sham. It was humour clearly lost on you as I am in fact a heterosexual (hence married to a woman) man who does submission wrestling. Maybe you are the moron?

    Comparing boxing and MMA is like comparing apples and oranges. They are of the same ilk but are very different! MMA fighters do train boxing, ask Freddie Roach – you heard of him? Do I think any of todays MMA fighters could beat legends like Ali, Hagler, Louis and Braddock in boxing? No …. and I never said I did think that. But I would also bet my house that none of those people could beat todays MMA champions in the octagon under MMA rules.

    Your point about MMA gloves is complete bullshit by the way. It is widely accepted that more long term damage is done by the sustained hits boxers take regardless of the fact their gloves have more padding, than the flash knockouts MMA fighters are subjected to. Do some research bro.

    Thank you for your thoughts, have a nice day!

  3. Wow Graham you hit a nerve there mate !

    I agree with everything you say mate and I come from a family who has a long going love affair with the ‘sweet science’. Boxing is in a mess and its full of old crones like Arum and Don King who need to roll over and let some new blood take over and invigorate the sport again and provide the fights folk want to see, very much in the same way as the UFC are doing now a bloody good job of now.

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