Random Fighter Hatred Post #1: Frank Mir

mirstrawberriesOK so hate is a strong word, I don’t really HATE anyone. But there are some fighters in the UFC that I really can’t bring myself to like and one of them is Frank Mir. This isnt a new thing I’ll grant you.. type “I hate Frank Mir” into Google and a tonne of stuff comes up. But it kinda freaks me out how much i dislike him.

I desparately wanted Brock to beat him the first time they fought but it was only Brocks 2nd fight and a win was always unlikely given his relative inexperience with the submissions game.

Even worse, I couldn’t believe it when Mir beat big Nog. I actually wanted to climb in my TV and punch him in his smug little face (good thing my TV isnt some sort of transportation device as I’d have got my arse kicked, but you get the point!). It was clear in that fight that Nog wasn’t himself and having seen the Couture fight where Nog put a 3 round clinic on Randy it’s even more stark-staringly obvious. Yet Mir whinges that people aren’t giving him credit and excusing Nog’s performance is somehow discrediting his own win…ummm didn’t you come out with a bunch of crap yourself when Vera beat your ass Mr Mir?

Here’s a newsflash Franky..your win is ALREADY discredited, as there can be no doubt that Nog was not fit for your fight and shouldn’t have been in there. I know no fighters goes in 100% but the Nog that fought Mir wasn’t even 30% of the Nog that fought Randy.

I would actually like to see Nog vs Mir 2. Just to see Mir get smashed. After the Randy win though a fight with Mir seems irrelevant for Nog and maybe he will be next up for a shot at Lesnar which makes for a very interesting match.

There are rumours around of Anderson Silva taking a superfight at HW and Mir has been touted as a possibility, watching Frank get smashed by a Middleweight (albeit the best in the world) would also be amazing.

So why do I really not like the guy? I can’t put my finger on it. There’s a whole host of stuff that it could be, his stupid hair, his smug grin, his belief that he is FAR better than he actually is. SO he broke a guys arm in an MMA match once….does that mean he’ll break everyone he fights? Hell no, not even close. Also remember all the shit he was saying about his striking after beating Nogueira. Nog was little more than a (barely) moving punchbag. He even said in an interview that he would rip Anderson Silvas shoulder out of its socket if they fought :/

Well he has to get past Chiek Kongo in his next fight. As long as Kongo sticks to what he does best this time – unlike his last outing in the UFC – then Franky is gonna chalk up another big L. It’s pretty obvious Mir hates being hit, and Kongo is gonna hopefully hit him a lot and hit him hard.

It’s irrational, unnecessary and probably downright cruel of me but I’m actually looking forward to seeing Mir again reduced to a bloody mess at the hands of UFC opponent. But I don’t even care, I just hate Frank Mir!


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