UK Related MMA Goodness

2 bits of reasonably old news here but thought them worthy of repeating:

Daley gets new opponent @ UFC 103
Paul Daley is stepping in for Mike Swick in his upcoming bout @ UFC103. Daley was slated to face Brian Foster on the same card but now that Swick is injured Semtex is going to be on the PPV in his Octagon debut, fighting Martin Kampmann.

The Kampmann vs Swick match was rumoured to have been a decider for the next shot at GSP and it has to be said regardless of who won, that was looking like a very easy night for GSP.

Now that Daley has stepped in, I’m not sure this will still be considered a No1 contender match. If Daley pulls off what many will consider to be an upset (me not included – I think he’ll win!) and beats Kampmann that will be one hell of a way to make a splash in the UFC given Kampmanns UFC resume thus far, but I can’t see the UFC chucking him to the wolves with GSP straight after that.

Daley is one of the best Muay Thai stylists in MMA in my personal opinion and anyone who saw him dismantle Dave Strasser at Cage Rage, KO Bang Ludwig or any of his other great performances would surely tell you the same. However he does struggle with good wrestlers/grapplers and putting him against a guy of GSP’s calibre is a step too far at this point. He struggled to cope with the wrestling and submissions of Jake Shields in the now defunct Elite-XC and if GSP was able to get inside – and lets face it he is very able – then it would be a bad night for Semtex.

I’m not dismissing Kampmann. He dropped from middle where he suffered his only career loss to Nate marquadt and since dropping down he is 2-0 including blasting through Drew McFedries who has vicious power in his hands. If Kampmann can get Daley down and keep him there then it’ll be a bad night for Semtex. However, the ace up Paul Daley’s sleeve is his sprawl n brawl game. He has no doubt worked his wrestling and ground game but his sprawl is quick and this coupled with his power, means one mis-timed or ill judged attempt to take Daley down could put an end to Kampmanns own title dreams for now.

I’m picking Daley to come through a tough first round where he finds what the hitman is made of and then taking him out in the second. This fight will propel Daley straight into the limelight and I am sure he can do the business. Daley has all the makings of another UK UFC superstar and will no doubt be contesting the belt sometime in the not too distant future.

One thing that I’ll be keeping an eye on though…..How long will it be before the UFC ask him to fight Dan Hardy???

9172-UFC_UKUFC to show on Uk terrestrial TV from 14th September -Channel 5
Another slice of awesome from the MMA news world. The UK is finally getting a terrestrial UFC show – “UFC Main Event”. Sure the hours aren’t exactly prime time (midnight) and the channel isnt particularly high-profile. But you can’t knock it and it’s all good progress.


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