“dun-dun-dun…Bamma Bites the dust”

Turns out  I was wrong, BAMMA is not the event to pick up where the BFC never even got the chance to leave off.

It looks like after one show BAMMA is a goner. The website is down and has been since a few days after the 1st show, there isnt a whole lot of info out there and as far as I could find, no official statement. A revealing interview conducted with Dave’O’Donnel is attached:

I’ve been trying to get in contact with somebody from the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts for a while now concerning the lack of publicity for their second show scheduled for August 15th.
Nobody is answering phone calls, emails aren’t being replied to, and I noticed last night their website was down. Not too rosy looking, if you ask me.
I’d heard there had been issues in the fledgling organisation between promoter Dave O’Donnell and the rest of the BAMMA crew – which is mainly made up of folk from Giant TV, the makers of Fighting Hurts.
As I couldn’t get hold of any of them, I had to rely solely on DOD for information as to what’s going on. He’s never shy in talking to members of the press. Or anybody, in fact.

ME: I just wanted to ask you a few questions as to what the situation is with BAMMA.

DOD: “Whamma BAMMA, no thank you, Mama! Both of our ideas collided and they didn’t want to go along with what I wanted to do, and I certainly weren’t going along with what they wanted to do.

“I gave them every opportunity to move forward, but they didn’t want to. It’s not easy, if people want to just think they can come in and be promoters overnight. If it were that easy there’d be sh*tloads of promotion out there. It ain’t easy. It takes a special kind of person to do this, and they weren’t it.”

Can you clarify some of the details? What were the exact problems?

“Just over contracts. All of a sudden there was a misunderstanding. I kept asking for contracts, ‘please send me the contracts, please send me through what’s happening.’ You can only ask so much, to me I was getting rolled over. I’ve been doing this too long to know if something isn’t going right. You try and fix it, but if you can’t fix it, you’ve just got to pull out of it.

“Obviously it was me holding it all together – another promotion to kill Ultimate Challenge, and it never started out like that, it never meant to be like that. But all of a sudden I started to see the way they were doing the promotion, ‘we’re the biggest, we’re the…’ I thought, whoa, hang on here, we said we were going to work together, but it just didn’t end up that way. Were you there at the first show?”

No, I wasn’t. But I was at the press conference to mark the launch and I thought then it was a huge conflict of interests for you and wondered why you were doing it in the first place.

“When I sat there [at the press conference] looking down at the press pack, and all the stuff that I wrote, or my PR lady wrote about me, none of it was there. I’ve promoted over fifty shows. I’ve had TV time over 300 hours. I’ve done 170 hours of one show, 60 hours of another show, then all my live shows, then all the pre-recorded shows – none of that was in there.

“I wrote Fighting Hurts, all of a sudden they wrote Fighting Hurts. It was, whoa, hang on here, these are the guys who are supposed to be my partners, yet none of my stuff was there. Then all of a sudden Chris O’Connell is the presenter, everything weren’t clicking into place.

“I wasn’t happy with it, but obviously we couldn’t come to terms. I don’t know if it’s dead. If you look at all the fighters, I’d never welch on a fighter, I always try and keep the fighters busy. If you look at them all, they were all champions from me anyway.

So what was your role anyway, you were matchmaker and promoter, right? What were they doing?

“They were supposed to be the financial sponsors and the TV production. [gets distracted as he walks.] I just weren’t happy with it. I kept biting my tongue thinking, nah it must be a mistake, it must be a mistake, but no, it wasn’t.

“I kept saying, ‘where are these so-called sponsors you’ve been promising?’ And I kept saying, ‘moving to this venue you’re going to lose a sh*t load of money,’ but all I kept hearing was, ‘it’ll be alright, it’ll be alright.’

So you think the venue was a financial burden?

“Of course it was. A complete financial burden.”

So the money has just dried up?

“Their money, their ideas. I’m giving them everything, if I stop giving they haven’t got much to go by.”





The link to the interview is on MMAPit here.

So what does this tell us?  The main stumbling block is obviously them trying to position BAMMA as “the number 1 show”. I must admit when I first read about BAMMA and D’o’Ds involvment i too thought it was a bit of a conflict of interests, but seriously what did he expect? 

*OJ Boring*: “Good evening and welcome to a night of fantastic Mixed Martial Arts action here on BAMMA. We’re good but not as good as Ultimate Challenge and here’s Dave O’Donnell to shout at you some more about why Ultimate Challenge is far superior”.

*D’o’D*: “cor bloimey guvnah let me tell you about the ULLLLLTIMATE CHAAALLENGE, the best MMA event in Londaaaahn and probably the world!”

So without his undeniable expertise in promoting shows in the London area, his connections and “his” fighters BAMMA were screwed

I know I have been vocal on here about D’o’D and I want to stress that I dont have some personal vendetta. I respect what he has done for UKMMA and his ability to put a show on.  BUT I really do hate the way he seems to want to be a TV personality. No Dave, NO! Just stick to being a promoter. I want to watch your MMA shows, I want to see the matches you make and I would love for Ultimate Challenge to recapture the Cage Rage glory days, but me and the rest of the world need a break from D’o’D the “INYERFACE” “D’YERWANNABEAFIIIIIGHTAAAAAAAA” TV persona.

I wouldn’t crow too loudly about writing Fighting Hurts either Doddy me old mate.. because it sucked.

As a side note: Is it just me or is it terrifyingly inevitable that the next Ultimate Challenge will feature Jordan in some capacity? I hope it ain’t so, but with Alex Reid as the main event and given the fact that Jordan would sell her granny to get some press, any press….I’m fairly sure that she will show up somewhere along the way given they are now “an item”. I give it 2 more shows before she is a special guest ring girl, colour commentator or some other bizarre arrangement where UC use her to boost their “profile”. I have everything crossed that I’m wrong, as I’m already at the point where I sick up in my mouth a bit when I see her in the papers or on tv, god forbid if she shows up in some way associated with UKMMA.

Maybe I should start a campaign. Surely there has to be something sacred in the UK that is kept Jordan free, please let that thing be UKMMA!

Having said all that I would pay money to see Alex Reid vs Peter Andre in the cage. That’d be hilarious.


One comment on ““dun-dun-dun…Bamma Bites the dust”

  1. Lol if its not Jordan as a ring girl it’ll be some other ‘over inflated glamour model’ …yawn. Makes you wonder how football,cricket and rugby fans manage without some tarts parading around in bikinis at half time or whatever. I think its sad that some sports have these props when its naff all to do with the sport itself,just makes it harder to take it seriously as a sport.
    Alex Reid and Jordan together though,perfect match,to ole tarts together ha ha xxx

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