UFC 99 – Great night for the Brits!

Once again I have been proper slacking on the MMA blogging front, it’ll be uFC100 soon, so no doubt I’ll blog about that by xmas! Usual crap excuses for my slackness, too much work not enough free time blah blah. I think I’m gonna have to admit defeat and not blog each of the TUF’s i missed, maybe I’ll do one big wrap post summarising the last few episodes and the finale (which I still haven’t had time to watch!)

Anyway moan over, onto UFC 99:
ufc-99-poster Here are some of my thoughts on the event and pics that I have grabbed off t’interweb.

7 out of the 12 fights went the distance, there were 2 tko’s (one real one, one sketchy one) and 3 submissions. As a lot of the maincard fights went the distance we didnt get to see some of the undercard fights on the Setanta broadcast like we have in previous events where there were more quick finishes. Which is a shame as the vast majority of the brits fighting were on the undercard. We did get to see Terry Etim’s D’arce choke on Justin Buchholz which won him submission of the night though… slick!

The undercard results were as follows:
Terry Etim def. Justin Buchholz by Submission (D’Arce Choke), R2
Dennis Siver def. Dale Hartt by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), R1
Paul Taylor def. Peter Sobotta by Unanimous Decision, R3
Paul Kelly def. Roli Delgado by Unanimous Decision, R3
Stefan Struve def. Denis Stojnic by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:37, R2
John Hathaway def. Rick Story by Unanimous Decision, R3

stefanstruvebleedAll 4 brits notched wins, which is awesome, so congrats to all of them. Shame we didnt get to see any of the fights as a lot of the main card fights went to decision. One thing i did notice during the main card was the state of the octagon… it looked like a bloodbath! After a bit of googling I found that it was stefan struve who had a nasty cut and made the cage look like a scene from Saw!!

On the main card the first fight was Dan Hardy vs Marus Davis. There was a lot of bad blood in this fight after a lot of smack talk being slung about in the pre-fight build up. This was all about pride for Davis and he just wanted to beat Hardy up, for Dan… this was about climbing the welterweight ladder. It was a back and forth fight with both fighters getting rocked on different occasions.
I had Hardy getting the better of the stand-up overall with some neat counter punching and some great clinch work. But Davis was stronger and had better control on the floor. In fairness it was a razor-thin decision but a good one and I think if they rematched Hardy would win again and more convincingly assuming he goes back to work on his wrestling and jiujitsu which are clearly his “weaker” areas – not they are in fact weak areas…just not as good as his striking skills which are superb!
Dan Hardy def. Marcus Davis by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29), R3

Next up Spencer Fisher vs Caol Uno: Not really one for the armchair MMA fan, most of the fight conducted in the clinch against the fence. Uno was relentless in his takedown attempts and the skills of both men tended to negate the othe. For the purist a very technical fight though and I thought Uno edged it. The judges didnt though… Spencer Fisher def. Caol Uno by Unanimous Decision, R3

6th brit of the night to fight on the card was Mustafa al Turk and he was straight into another fiercely difficult match – following his beasting at the hands of Chiek Kongo – against Cro Cop.
Not really sure if “Octagon jitters” were a factor again for Mus but he looked erratic in his striking, constantly trying to throw a ridiculous looping overhand right that started in Row z and never looked like connecting. His takedowns were either sprawled on or just thrown off and he looked completely outclassed again. The fight ended with a dubious TKO though, as CroCop landed a “punch” that was actually a pawing jab but with hands open and he ended up poking Al turk in BOTH eyes. mirkoeyepoke
Al turk immediately clutched his face and turned his back but the ref didnt realise what had happened and stepped in as Crop Cop rushed him and started to batter him with undefended strikes.
Tough luck for Mus who has ended up with 2 quick 1st round losses for his UFC career and deserves to try his luck against a lower echelon heavyweight so he can showcase a bit more of what UKMMA fans know he can do. Crop Cop def Mustafa Al Turk by TKO (ref stoppage) rd1

Ben Saunders nickname is “killa b”. He is white. He deserves to be bashed just for that, and sure enough Mike “quick” Swick delivers in the 2nd round with a flurry, knockdown and then a load of unanswered punches before the ref stops “killa b” from getting too much of a pasting. Shame, i think just for the name he deserved a few more! Mike Swick def. Ben Saunders by TKO at 2:47, R2

The penultimate match of the card, Kongo vs Velasquez was a weird one. Kongo seemed to be effective with his striking but inexplicably went for takedowns and was trying to grapple Velasquez when he was down instead of getting back up and bashing him on the feet. ufc99_11_velasquez_vs_kongo_012 Not really sure if he was trying to showcase an admittedly improving ground game, but maybe try that tactic on someone who isnt as good as Velasquez!!! Velasquez takes a cast iron decision win, unable to put Kongo away but dominating him on the ground. Use your standup next time Kongo!! Cain Velasquez def. Cheick Kongo by Unanimous Decision, R3

this should be in the hall of pain!!

this should be in the hall of pain!!

Last up was the headliner Franklin vs Wandy. This fight would have been even more awesome when both were in their prime and ruling their division in UFC and Pride resepctively!
It took place at Catchweight as Silva considers moving down to MW and Franklin looks to try his luck at LHW. They went at it for 3 solid rounds, Silva always looking to take Franklins head off and Franklin playing his usual intelligent game moving in and out, scoring points whilst dodging and countering well. In the end Franklin took the decision and again it was a controversial one that could have gone either way. Rich Franklin def. Wanderlei Silva by Unanimous Decision, R3

Except for the headliner and the Hardy fight, for me overall it was a pretty poor UFC in comparison to the last few and there were some VERY close and potentially bad calls by the judges. Im sure scoring and judging criteria will have to be looked at soon and possibly overhauled, and we may even see in-fight action replays to help the ref on the big screen for incidents like the eye poke (although in a fight not sure how practical this would be) considered. You can’t please all the people all the time I guess and whatever happens you will always get controversy and people disagreeing with judges calls and ref’s stoppages. One person who really isnt pleased is Marcus Davis, who continues to whinge like a little bitch about getting beat by Dan Hardy. Im sure these 2 will rematch in the near future and this time I hope Dan KTFO’s “the Irish handgrenade” to shut him up properly.


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