UK M1 team stumble in Kansas


After their awesome performance aganist the Japanese team in their first outing at the M1 challenge. Team Uk failed to keep their momentum when they met Team France in Kansas for the 2nd round of the M1 Global Team challenge.

They might be a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys 🙂 but them Frenchies sure can fight MMA.

Unfortuately Team UK lost the talents of Tom Blackledge for this outing, due to injury and he was replaced by Danny Giblin, who is well known to the Team Uk coaches as he trains at Quannum gym.

After defeating Japan in Tokyo on April 29 by a score of 4-1, many anticipated that England would clinch a playoff berth in Group A with an easy victory over a French team that lost its opener to Team Spain by a 3-2 score earlier this year. However, a rejuvenated Team France pulled off the 4-1 win over Team England.

The following writeup taken from: m1 challenge site
Lightweight Makhtar Gueye helped France get off to a literal quick start with a nine second knockout of Ian Butlin of Team England. Welterweight Gael Grimaud then helped France move to 2-0 after he submitted British knockout specialist Simon Phillips with a triangle.

Christophe Dafreville then scored the clinching third victory after executing a triangle submission of his own against Matt Thorpe at 4:32 of round 2.

Despite having clinched the victory, it behooved France to keep winning with the first tie-breaker in the M-1 Challenge being individual victory. Despite it being his pro debut, Frenchman Johan Romming used his world class wrestling ability to submit the more experienced Danny Giblin. Rob Broughton then enacted a small measure of revenge for England after he was declared a winner at 2:02 of round 1 due to a corner stoppage

Credit should be given to the French team, especially Dafreville who got the submission of the night honours as submitting Matt Thorpe is no mean feat! I guess now we just have to hope that the Japanese can put one over Spain to give us hopes of gaining a play off place in the finals, provided we can then beat Spain as well of course!!

Commiserations to the team and I hope they bounce back from this and come back strong against the Spanish team, I’m sure they will.

Hopefully Ian Butlin can finally get that win I believe he needs to hit top form again. He is never shy of confidence in front of the camera but I don’t recall him winning a fight since 2006 (although im prepared to be corrected on that!). In fairness, fights have been hard to come by for him as a lot of other fighters in his division are signed to contracts with other organisations now, making fights difficult to arrange and injury has compounded the situation.

I do wonder if trying to live up to his self-announced status as being the best Lightweight in the UK plays on his mind when he steps into the cage…..? Be interesting to hear if he regrets saying it as he may well have created extra pressure on himself by being so forthright in his opinion of his standing in the Uk rankings.


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