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I am about 3 episodes behind in my normally weekly(ish) TUF9 round up. I have them all on my sky+ and will hopefully get some time to chill out and watch them soon, so I can bring you a round up of all the action that you have already seen or read about elsewhere. Is there any point? hmmm probably not, but at least it gives me some content and my TUF blogs do get some hits!

UFC98 was on the weekend just passed. As expected Lyoto Machida handed Rashad his first loss and after a tentative first round just basically exploded in the second and absolutley devastated Evans who couldn’t solve “the puzzle that is Machida”. Machida will make his first defence in September against Rampage, I can’t see a different result to be honest, Machida will take him out I’m sure of it.







There weren’t really too many other fights of note in the event, at least none that I can really recall as being particularly blog-worthy. A lot of early finishes on the card although the Edgar vs Sherk and Hughes vs Serra fights went to decisions.
Sherk pisses me off, he was pretty boring (but effective) when he used to use his strength and wrestling to take people down and grind out decisions and now he has decided to try and become more exciting and use his hands more, which is good…. except his striking isnt great by any means. He’s OK but Anderson Silva he ain’t! Edgar dealt with him comfortably and so it’s back to the drawing board again for the muscle shark, who is in danger of just ending up as a gatekeeper for the lightweight divsion instead of a shoe-in for number 1 contender.

hughesserraHughes and Serras grudge match was a bit of an anticlimax, although you could see how it was gonna go a mile off. Hughes used his size and strength advantage to retain positional dominance for the second and third rounds and scraped out of an “Ok from a fan’s view” first round after being rocked by an accidental headbutt (but being savvy enough to grab a leg on the way down and try and work the takedown). Don’t know where either fighter goes from here as they are both pretty far from being a force at welterweight. I was expecting Hughes to retire but he said he is out of contract but wants to fight more for the UFC. Although he is definitely not the Matt Hughes of old, on his name alone and by what he achieved in the division one could argue that if he stays with the UFC he deserves big fights. The problem is he WILL get his ass kicked by the Koscheks, Fitches and Alves’ of the division let alone being eaten alive if *shudder* he gets a third shot at GSP (please dont let this happen, it would be a travesty). Serra looked pissed off that he lost and could maybe do Ok at lightweight – except he has already confessed that he loves eating pasta too much and clearly isn’t motivated enough to cut the weight. Be interesting to see what happens with both in the coming weeks/months.

Oh i just remembered another fighter worth a shout: Drew McFedries. He is a baaaaaaad man! I’ve seen Professor X fight on cage rage and he is a lot better than his last 2 UFC fights suggest, but that mcFedries can swing a fist. He hits HARD!

Before you go you should check this out from fightlinker. Rashad gets the “goodfellas” treatment off Machida!


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