British Fighting Championships Canned !!

bfccannedIn true UKMMA style defeat has been snatched from the jaws of victory 1 week out of the inaugral BFC event. The show has been pulled and the BFC may be a dead duck. To say I’m gutted is an understatement. I’ve blogged before about how I think this was a fantastic step for UKMMA and I honestly thought this was going to be the event that took up where Cage Rage left off (when it was awesome) and really carried MMA into the mainstream in the UK.

Ian Dean who is the cog that keeps the Cagewarriors machine turning and has been instrumental in trying to get the BFC up and running alluded on his facebook to the fact that there are some people in UKMMA who have sought to trash this concept from the time it was first announced. Can’t say I’m surprised about that as there are some real idiots in the “industry” over here who love nothing better than to actively seek to shaft other promotions and start-ups. BFC also had a some bad luck when it came to TV coverage.

There is an article on MMAPit (courtesy of MMA weekly) about it all here. In this article it is also said that Cagewarriors won’t even tbe doing shows in the UK at all and will instead concentrate on its USA franchise. Again I can’t say i’m surprised by this as for all the good Cagewarriors have done in essentially being a pioneer of UKMMA shows (Cage rage even used their cage in the very early days so despite what some may say Cage Rage’s exisitence owes a lot to CageWarriors!) they haven’t had the success they deserve and have had a lot of shit thrown their way!

I guess we’ll all have to watch this space and see what develops. I hope somehow the promotion and the idea can be salvaged and re-launched successfully in the very near future. You’ve got to feel for the fighters who have been training there arses off for this event only to have it pulled a week out. That has to suck.

I also hope that Cagewarriors do decide to come back home and start putting on shows in the UK again. All isn’t doom and gloom in UKMMA though, the fighters representing in TUF are doing great and the UK M-1 Challenge team is really strong, it’s just a shame great things are happening for UKMMA in other countries instead of over here where it really counts and matters most!!


3 comments on “British Fighting Championships Canned !!

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  2. It would be sad day for ukmma if you guys just jacked it in. although i dont think anyone would blame you after all the shit that you get. Saying that warriors promotions has some great fighters on their books and you still have arguably the most influential website and forum in UKMMA.

    As for the shows: Come back home to the south of england!! Pompey/southampton etc… could use another big show! SCS is turning out some great fighters right now and could probably fill half if not a full card with hometown guys, not to mention Sol’s guys, Bulldog etc. Jeff Lawson headlining after his stint on TUF?? It’d be huge!

    All the best with whatever you do mate.

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