MMA Newsflashes – well done to UK M1 team!!

Quite a lot happening recently:

UFC 101 fight?
News has broken that a fight has been signed for UFC 101 between Forest Griffin and Anderson Silva @ light heavyweight. If this is true it will be an awesome fight. Anderson won’t be able to go into cruise control for this one, apparently it will co-main event with Penn vs Florian. Just for those two fights this has the potential to be a great UFC event!

UK go 4-1 in M1 challenge first round against Team Japan
The UK M1 global challenge team travelled to Japan recently to compete in the first round of the latest series of the challenge against Team Japan. Representing for UK were Ian Butlin at lightweight, Simon Phillips at Welterweight, Matt Thorpe at middleweight, Tom Blackledge at Light Heavy and Rob Broughton at Heavy.
As a diversion Fedor had an “exhibition” grappling match against Shinya Aoki under Combat Sambo rules. I’m gonna have to search youtube for that one (Fedor won by Achilles crush incidentally, once of the nastiest Sambo leglocks i have ever had the misfortune to experience!)
Write up is taken from here:

[..] the debuting Team England could possibly be the team to beat in Group A following its victory over host country Japan during the night’s main team challenge.

The confident Ian “M-16” Butlin (6-8) ruffled several feathers during a Tuesday press conference in which the anointed England team leader informed the Japanese media that he and his teammates would shut out the Japanese by a 5-0 score.

Despite the bold proclamation, Butlin wasn’t too far off the mark, as England dominated Japan by a 4-1 score. In a twist of irony, it was Butlin’s first round loss to Luiz Andrada (9-6-3) that prevented the team from recording the shutout.

After promising a knockout win all week, Butlin was unable to implement his game plan as Andrada elected not to engage him in the standup and instead tapped him an armbar at 3:20 of round 1.

England then stole Japan’s momentum after Simon “The Executioner” Phillips (7-2) displayed his professional boxing skills and put the entire M-1 welterweight division on notice following his crushing 20 second knockout over DEEP and Pancrase veteran Hidehiko Hasegawa (16-12-5).

Japan then appeared to be well on its way to regaining the lead with Yusuke Masuda forcing Matt Thorpe to fight on his heels for virtually the entire first round. Despite losing the first frame, Thorpe displayed one of the basic principles of jiu-jitsu as a self defense technique by overcoming a more aggressive Masuda with a rear naked choke at 1:30 of round 2.

Following his teammate’s lead, Tom Blackledge (8-6) also used a rear naked choke to clinch a team victory for England after submitting Tatsuya Mizuno (5-5). However, Blackledge differentiated his win from Thorpe’s by showing shades of Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg and utilizing a standing choke en route to victory.

In addition to having his teammates support him at ringside, Blackledge was also cornered by former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Jackson, a well-known figure in Japan thanks to his successful tenure in PRIDE, returned to the country in order to support Blackledge, his good friend and training partner at the Wolfslair Academy in London.

Looking to fortify its standing as the early leader of Group A, British heavyweight Rob “Godzilla” Broughton (9-4-1) displayed excellent ground skills for a big man during his unanimous decision victory over Yusuke Kawaguchi.

For Broughton, the win over Kawaguchi marked yet another notch on his belt when it comes to defeating rising heavyweight prospects. In addition to holding a win over British up-and-comer Martin Thompson, Broughton now can boast that he was the first man to inflict a loss onto Kawaguchi’s record, who previously had been 8-0.

While Team England’s next fight has yet to be finalized, officials with M-1 Global and Cage Warriors are currently working towards bringing a 2009 M-1 Challenge event to England.

Awesome stuff by Team UK. With these guys representing us as well as the fighters in TUF9 house it can only do great things for representing UK MMA on a global stage!!

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm
Fightlinker has an interesting take on the Chuck Liddell forced retirement situation! Makes a lot of sense when you read it and is worth a look!


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