TUF 9 – Episode 3 (The “non-episode”)

Bit of a weird one this week. As the teams are in the house, we should have been getting the first Uk vs USA fight. Instead as team US were short a couple of fighters due to 2 guys being cut in the last episode, the fights will be the final elimination fights for the last 2 spots on Team US.

Basically the first 15minutes of this episode are of Rob Browning being a dick. The teams get to to the house and we see Browning immediately getting on the shots. Then when the US and UK guys are out in the basketball courts they suddenly get bombarded with eggs by the “hilarious” Browning. Everyone on both teams agrees that the guys is a tool an the pressure is on Brownings opponent in the eliminators – Jason Dent – to smash him and get him out of the house. Browning nearly gets smacked in the face by Martin Stapleton from Team Uk after Browning gets in his face when stapes calls him a dickhead (and rightly so). He also nearly gets smashed by one of Team US welterweights after browning pisses in their shower and then smashes an egg on the guys chest. To be fair everyone shows massive restraint in not just beating the crap out of the dumb hick yank on the first night. The rest of the US and UK guys seem to get on well even though the US team think the Uk “have fun accents” (wtf?? Actually it’s you who have funny accents) and find it hard to understand them, especially the northern guys on the team!

There is some brief film of the two teams training. Team USA (coached by Henderson) get straight to the wrestling as this is what Hendo believes is the key to the US winning as the UK team dont have the same wrestling calibre as in the states. Team UK start with some stand-up sparring and they arent taking it lightly!
We also see Bisping getting under the skin of Damarques Johnson by saying Team US are gonna get their asses kicked. Johnson then decides he doesnt want Team US to lose ANYTHING to team Uk, not fights, no team challenges not even drinking games (good luck with that 🙂 )

The two fights arent classics by any means. Dent vs Browning goes the way everyone wants it when Browning gets G’N’Pd in the first. Browning is quick to declare himself as a natural 135pounder so is fighting out of his normal weight class. He says to Dana on the way out “135 here i come”. Hopefully he will also go get some behavioural therapy, just because he’s Junie Junior doesnt mean he has to be a twat like his big brother.

In the second fight: Kiel Reed vs Frank Lester it is Lester who is declared the winner after Reed manages to KO himself by doing a faceplant in a failed takedown attempt. Lester had an arm lock cranked on as Reed was out and because of both his and the ref’s position, neither knew he was out. The people outside the cage had to shout to let them know and a few more seconds of that sub it could have been a busted arm as well as a self-KO loss for Reed. Lester celebrates like he just beat GSP, even though Reed pretty much did it to himself. Reed refuses the handshake after the winner’s officially announced by the ref and in fairness i’m not surprised as Lester was being a dick.

So that’s it really. Hopefully next weeks will be a lot better. Team US get to pick who fights next week and i’m hoping we see some really good training footage and get a decent fight at the end of it. I’m sure we will see a lot more of Bisping getting under the skin of the Americans which is no bad thing, although I hope he backs up his trashtalking when he fights Henderson at UFC100!!!


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