Hall of Pain # 1 – The beauty of the headkick KO

MMA photography is great. A really good picture from a fight is always great to see for any fight fan.  Fighters Only have a regular feature called the money shot which had some amazing fight pictures in it. Inspired by that, another new blog feature that I plan to do regularly is this one…. The Hall of Pain.

One of my favourite types of “MoneyShot” and the first featured in Hall of Pain is dedicated to the headkick KO. For fighters, I would imagine the feeling of landing a beautiful KO kick on your opponents swede has gotta be right up there with one of the greatest natural highs!

As a fan (or a fighter that has never actually KO’d anyone ever) the closest you get to that is either seeing the fight live or (sometimes just as good) seeing the KO moment cpatured forever in that perfect picture: Taken just as the foot/shin is buried in some poor dudes (or dudette, the girls get kicked in the head too) face. This type of picture always causes a reaction in me… the first normally being “that’s gotta hurt!” swiftly followed by “that is awesome”.

Here’s a little gallery of some quality head kick KO pics – ENJOY!.
(Click them to view them in a larger size.)

NB: I had a little trawl through google images looking for these pictures. Unfortunately i didnt note any of the web references, i just saved them to my PC, so I cannot credit the individual photographers. If anyone stumbles across this post and knows who should be credited then give me a shout and I will amend the post.

3 comments on “Hall of Pain # 1 – The beauty of the headkick KO

  1. i’ve done a little bit of Muay Thai and other martial arts, and KOing someone with a headkick is an amazing high..though i usually drop straight to his side to check if he’s ok..one should never feel too happy about causing probable brain-damage to someone…but what the hell, it’s still a great feeling!

    • yeah i wasnt suggesting that its a great feeling to know you have potentially damaged someone. Im talking in terms of the training you go through getting the Ko win, especially with a head kick (a lot harder to land than a punch) must be a good feeling. I’m talking strictly from a sporting point of view and not revelling in the actual brutal side. Im pleased to say in top level MMA I’ve never seen anyone ignore their fallen opponent after winning. They always seem to go check on them.

      • that i agree with..the training is hard and long, and to see the outcome being perfect is the high i meant too…though being really skinny and not too tall, i usually become the target for idiotic thieves and bullies, and though i don’t usually use the head kick, a quick punch usually shakes them up good…i owe my life to Martial Arts!

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