Machida vs Evans @ UFC 98

This is a replacement of the Rampage vs Rashad fight (off because Rampage is injured) which was a replacement of the Mir vs Lesnar fight (off because Mir had knee surgery and wont be fit). To be honest I’d actually rather see this than any of the other fights that were supposed to happen instead of it.

Both are undefeated, both have VERY different styles and it should be an amazing fight. Rashad has really strong wrestling and KO power, Machida has that elusive make-them-miss-and-make-them-pay-for-missing style that no-one has been able to figure out so far. I’m a big Machida fan, a few people say he’s boring but to counter that I’d just show them the fight against Thiago Silva.

machida machidako

Just because he wont stand toe-to-toe and get into a slug-fest doesnt make him boring. He doesn’t always engage straight away, but you give him an opening and he’ll take it, and he wont let his opponents near him to do the same. He is an intelligent fighter, has he ever really taken any damage in his fights?

From a fan point of view, I’d love to see an exciting fight with a good finish and not have Machida go back to his “do enough to win on the cards” approach that he had in some fights. But if he does do that you cant really blame him, he is gonna want the belt and will do what he feels he has to to win. Thinking about the Ortiz fight, Machida was derided by some as being boring but he stuffed the takedowns, landed his strikes and if i recall correctly put Tito on his ass too. I can see this fight going the same way, but not sure that Rashad will stand for being frustrated for 5 whole rounds! I see Rashad making a mistake near the end of the fight with the score against him on the judges cards due to being unable to get near Machida and then ending up getting sparked in the 4th or 5th round!


2 comments on “Machida vs Evans @ UFC 98

  1. Can’t wait for this fight! I don’t think Machida is boring at all, quite the opposite for me. He takes and opening any time he gets one, and he always presses forward as soon as his oppenent lays off. I think he is a great fighter who always impresses me. I was so thrilled he knocked out Thiago to prove he can finish a fight too! I’m with you cookster – I’m a fan!

    • I can see a long reign for Machida as LHW champ after he beats Rashad. Especially if he keeps upping his game. He could have an Anderson Silva like domination of the division but it has to be said that there are a lot of sharks swimming in the LHW pool!!

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