The Ultimate Fighter 9 – UK vs USA

Team UK
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After months of rumour the official cast has been announced (check it out here). Of the 8 in each category on each team only 4 get through to the house and onto the “main” show, which is a nice twist on previous series. I haven’t really followed previous series of TUF that closely but as I now have Setanta up and running (please god the rumours about them going bust and losing UFC coverage aren’t true!!) i will be watching this series. Obviously the fact that UK guys are fighting makes it a not to be missed show for me.

*spoiler alert*
There is a long running thread on sherdog forums that says that the following guys actually made it to the house from the UK:
Lightweights –
1. Andre Winner 9-2-1
2. Ross Pearson 8-4
3. Jeff Lawson 12-2
4. Martin Stapleton 5-1

Welterweights –
1. James Wilks 5-2
2. Nick Osipczak 3-0
3. Dave Falkner 2-1
4. Dean Amasinger 4-1

If this is true I am very surprised that Che Mills didnt make it as I thought he was a good prospect for winning the whole thing. But it kind of makes sense I guess as he is down to fight in the British Fighting Championships (see my previous posts). Don’t know an awful lot about any of the UK welterweight guys but the lightweights are solid.

Looking forward to this, bet the mrs isnt though… more UFC on our TV 🙂


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